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04/16/2013 - Congressional Briefing: The State of Nutrition on the School Lunch Tray Apr. 22, 2014 Doctors Award ‘Golden Carrot’ to Nation’s Healthiest School Lunch Leaders Oct. 24, 2013 Making the Grade: Doctors Rank Healthiest School Lunch Programs in America Nov. 5, 2012 Doctors Name Healthiest Scho
Good Medicine Archive
06/13/2011 - 2014 Issues   Reclaiming Traditions, Reclaiming Health: Fighting Diabetes with a New, Old Diet Good Medicine Summer 2014 Vol. XXIII No. 3     Rabies Experiments:  PCRM Experts Call Foul
PCRM Online | June 2010
05/24/2011 -  June 2010
Great Ape Protection and Cost Saving Act: Media Room
03/19/2011 - Media Room Dr. Barnard's Blog Victory! NIH Retires More than 100 Chimpanzees to Sanctuary Dec. 18, 2012 Congressional Hearing Considers Ending Chimpanzee Experiments April 24, 2012 PCRM Continues to Urge NIH to End Chimpanzee Experiments April 13, 2012 Chimpanzee Experiments Exposed on Prime-Time TV Feb. 2,
The Origin of U.S. Dietary Guidelines
12/28/2010 - Current U.S. dietary policies still reflect the basic design of the food guides from the early part of this century. In 1894, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) developed the first food composition tables and dietary standards for Americans. In 1916, the first daily food guides appeared in U
Support Grows for PCRM's Challenge to Dietary Guidelines Bias
12/20/2010 - PCRM formally launched its push to rid U.S. government diet guidelines of racial biases on March 8, 1999. In testimony to the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, PCRM president Neal D. Barnard , M.D., presented letters of support from the Congressional Black Caucus; former Surgeon General Joycelyn Eld
Nutrition Researcher, Vegan Athletes Promote Healthy Diets to Congress
11/12/2010 - Members of Congress and their staffs got a lesson in nutrition when PCRM visited the Capitol with healthy vegan food, a leading nutrition researcher, and two vegan athletes. As Congress geared up to debate Sen. Tom Harkin’s Child Nutrition Promotion and

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