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Physician-Led Demonstration Urges Johns Hopkins’ to Switch to Simulation
08/27/2014 - Doctors with the Physicians Committee led a demonstration at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine on Aug. 21 asking the school to use human-relevant methods instead of live animals to train future doctors. The doctors, including a Johns Hopkins physician, joined Baltimore-area residents carrying signs and
Doctors Protest Johns Hopkins’ Use of Live Animals in Invasive Procedures
08/25/2014 - BALTIMORE—Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine should stop using live animals to train future doctors and instead use human-relevant methods, says the national nonprofit of 10,000 concerned physicians. Doctors with the Physicians Committee will join Baltimore-area residents on Thursday, Aug. 21, for a demo
Physicians Committee Exposes Johns Hopkins’ Animal Experiments
07/03/2014 - Johns Hopkins University is said to have one of the best medical programs in the country, but it is falling behind nearly every other school in one crucial respect. This May, the Physicians Committee gave graduates and their families at the university’s commencement ceremonies a call to action: Urge Johns Hopkins
Baltimore Deserves Better
05/20/2014 - At Johns Hopkins University, medical students are taught basic surgical skills on live pigs. This training involves making incisions in a pig’s abdomen and then inserting long, thin tubes with lighted cameras known as endoscopes and surgical instruments into the animal. Then the pig's
Rich Roll
04/26/2012 - A graduate of Stanford University and Cornell Law School, Rich is a 45-year-old, world-renowned vegan ultraendurance athlete, wellness advocate, husband, father of four and inspiration to people worldwide as a transformative example of courageous and healthy living. After succumbing to the sedentary throes of overweig
Help End Live Animal Labs at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
07/26/2011 - Can you help us end the live animal lab at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine? Twenty years ago, live animals were commonly used in physiology, pharmacology, and surgery classes at medical schools. A standard lab involved anesthetizing the animal, followed by injecting pharmaceuticals or practicing sur
Good Medicine Archive
06/13/2011 - 2014 Issues   Reclaiming Traditions, Reclaiming Health: Fighting Diabetes with a New, Old Diet Good Medicine Summer 2014 Vol. XXIII No. 3     Rabies Experiments:  PCRM Experts Call Foul
Lethal Use of Pigs at Johns Hopkins and Uniformed Services University Violates Maryland Law, Doctors Say in Complaints
02/24/2011 - Training Video Exposes Unlawful Use of Live Animals for Invasive Procedures; Most Schools Use Nonanimal Methods WASHINGTON—A live pig is tethered to an operating table as a scalpel slices through the animal’s skin and muscle. Later, the pig’s chest is cracked open to allow an instructor to shock an
Stepping Up Efforts to End Live Animal Labs at Johns Hopkins
01/16/2011 - More than 90 percent of U.S. medical schools have stopped using live animals to teach medical students the basics of physiology, pharmacology, and surgery. So why is Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine—a top-ranked U.S. medical school—still offering live animal labs? PCRM member physicians have
The Origin of U.S. Dietary Guidelines
12/28/2010 - Current U.S. dietary policies still reflect the basic design of the food guides from the early part of this century. In 1894, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) developed the first food composition tables and dietary standards for Americans. In 1916, the first daily food guides appeared in U

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