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Pet Safety and Protection Act

The Pet Safety and Protection Act of 2013 (H.R. 2224), introduced by Rep. Michael Doyle, will protect companion animals from illegal use in laboratory experiments by prohibiting “Class B” dealers licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture from selling “random source” dogs and cats for use in research.

For many animals destined for use in experiments, the suffering begins well before they ever reach the lab. Unlike Class A dealers—who breed their own animals specifically to be used for research—Class B dealers gather dogs and cats from many questionable sources and through dishonest means, including stealing family pets, responding to “free to a good home” advertisements, and dealing illegally with animal shelters. Once obtained, the animals are often kept in miserable, filthy conditions and are deprived of food, water, adequate shelter, and veterinary care. Class B dealers have an abominable record of animal cruelty, despite the fact that the USDA spends hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars each year unsuccessfully attempting to regulate this negligent industry. One undercover investigation, chronicled in the HBO documentary Dealing Dogs, exposed numerous abuses at one USDA-licensed Class B dealing facility: feces-covered, overcrowded cages; rotten and contaminated food; live dogs caged with dead ones; and dogs with untreated wounds, sores, and other serious injuries and diseases.

The Pet Safety and Protection Act will put an end to this cruel practice of selling “random source” dogs and cats to research facilities, protecting beloved companion animals from ending up in the hands of dealers and researchers. Please contact your members of Congress to urge them to support the Pet Safety and Protection Act.

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The Pet Safety and Protection Act