Tips from Vegan Ironman Brendan Brazier

You're almost a week into the Kickstart! Do you feel so good that you want to enter a triathlon? Today's celebrity Kickstart message may get you there. Fuel up before your workout! Then get outside for some exercise will also give you the vitamin D your body needs.

Today's Meal Plan:
  • Breakfast: Oatmeal or cereal with plant-based milk of your choice
  • Lunch: Leftovers from yesterday’s lunch
  • Snack: Frozen mango pieces
  • Dinner: DIY Dinner Bowl
  • Dessert: Chocolate mousse


At 15, I decided I wanted to be an Ironman triathlete. This led me to look at the importance of a plant-based diet for athletes. Many people associate the word “diet” with a restrictive way of eating. It doesn’t have to be. A vegan diet is one of inclusion, not exclusion. When you include only healthy plant-based foods in your diet, you’ll find there won’t be room left for the unhealthy ones. Considering what you are gaining, taking this time to transition is a positive investment. The payback is higher-quality living—and possibly winning Ironman triathlons, like I have.

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Susan Says:

Because vitamin D can be synthesized in the body and is not necessary in the diet, it is more of a hormone than a vitamin. However, you need moderate exposure to sun for this synthesis to occur. Because typical humans are indoors all day and have moved away from the equator, vitamin D is often fortified in various foods. Supplementation may be advisable as well.