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not loosing weight

Hello -
I am 5' and 117 lbs. I know I do not need to loose much - I would like to loose about 5 pounds ideally. The good news, my body and tummy feel great with the meals. However, even walking 60 minutes a day - I am stuck on 117 lbs - maybe it goes down to 116, then goes right back up. I have been doing this for almost 3 weeks. Is my body just getting used to the food and the weight loss will come over time?
thanks - Ilona

Hi there,

Hi there,

I'm glad to see you're trying out the 21-Day Kickstart! Weight status is impacted by many factors (e.g., diet, exercise, sleep, stress, etc.). Our program is centered on a low-fat, high-fiber vegan diet ideally emphasizing minimally processed, whole foods. Here are a few links with helpful information:


After reading these, let us know if you have any questions.

Maggie Neola, RD

Maggie Neola

I switched to a vegan diet

I switched to a vegan diet about 3 weeks ago after being a full on meat eater. I need some help to loose weight though so I'm looking forward to the 21 day programme.

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