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eating out on kickstart

I figured this is a place where I can vent my frustration on eating out as a vegan. In the city where I live every restaurant pretty much serves the same thing or they don't survive - pizza, subs and chicken wings. Then the rest is meat, meat, and more more with lots of cheese. I can only eat something good in 2 restaurants here. Last night we went out with friends to a place that does have some vegetarian options. I ordered my favorite - vegetarian quesadillas with broccoli and spinach, no cheese or sour cream. My friend questioned the no cheese - I always eat cheese she said. I explained my new diet. The waitress came back and said that they couldn't make them without cheese; they wouldn't stay together. They suggested a wrap so I said okay - put the ingredients in a wrap with salsa. When it came out the wrap was just filled with lettuce and tomatoes. When I questioned this I was told that this was a veggie wrap. I thought I was getting the quesadilla ingredients in a wrap! So it went back and of course everyone else is eating except for me. Then my friend said "Why didn't you just eat the cheese?" and her husband says "Why don't you just eat a salad?" I wanted something more than lettuce to eat. People who eat meat just don't get it. Anyway, I got my quesadillas. Turns out they could make them but it left me feeling like I was a big pain in the you know what. It's embarrassing and makes me look like the bad guy all the time. Do any of you go through this when out as well? Being a vegetarian is hard enough but vegan is nearly impossible around here!

I know what you mean!! I find

I know what you mean!! I find I eat so much better when I cook it myself at home, but there's just something about going out! I found out if I am a repeat customer the eye brows don't go up when I ask for "a pizza without cheese and lot's of veggies". Try going back and see if they remember you and get it right the first time!!

I feel you

Just starting Kickstart, but have had similar frustrations as a long-time vegan. I always start by asking very politely if I can make a few changes and if the kitchen has time for a couple of substitutions (also try to go to places when they're less busy.) Often, they are so glad that I've even been considerate that they're happy to work with me. Good luck!

I've found most chefs are

I've found most chefs are really pretty happy to cook something different. Sometimes I call in advance or like the other reviewer said, go on "off" hours. I'm happy to say some of our restaurants have a "vegetarian" menu if you asked for it. Just keep asking and be patient, it's worth it!

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