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Challenge Check-In

I'm starting tomorrow. Been on and off for years. Recently rediscovered Dr. Barnard and just love the dude. So, hoping to use this thread to check in, list foods, journal a bit. Some things I'm going to try are eating a lot, dropping dried fruits/nuts, more preparation, keeping it simple, taking a walk, short meditations, trigger plan, reading reminders through out the day.

That seems like a lot. I always want to over achieve! Those are my ideas for the 21 days, though. Hope others drop in too.

Tomorrow's plan is to walk dog after waking up then eat oatmeal and berries for breakfast.


Pretty good day. Woke up

Pretty good day. Woke up thinking of this forum and stuck with a good breakfast. Did not stick with planned schedule as a result of random stuff going on. Major cravings after dinner. This is such a terrible problem. I really hope that after 3 weeks the cravings disappear. We'll see.

All good today as well.

All good today as well. Cravings tonight, but ate some grape nuts. Ate a bunch of banana oat pancakes with apple sauce for dinner. Lunch was pita, hummus and lots of spinach. Very good. Sticking with food plan. Everything else I listed is not a priority now. I assume I'll 'want' to exercise when I lose more weight.

I love that you made this

I love that you made this thread to record your ideas, thoughts, questions, etc. It'll be nice to look back at it after the 3 weeks and assess your own progress. Keep going strong! We're excited for you!

Maggie Neola RD
Registered Dietitian
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Maggie Neola

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