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My blood sugars are dangerously high and last time I did the kickstart I put on weight here is today's eating
Hi guys I am new and determined to stick to this WOE for a 21 day challenge starting today
I am really nervous that it won't work , I need to get my blood sugars to drop as much as lose weight but the last time I tried neither happened . I must admit although I did starch solution not MWL.
I did in the past have lots of success with low carb weight and blood sugar wise but didn't feel well and was always grouchy. It also did not seem healthy.i have many health probs and a eating disorder so making this commitment to myself is difficult, but I am determined to achive this goal . :D

Today I ate

2 meals of brown rice and kidney beanswith equal amount of mixed green veg , beetroot and tomatoes and fresh coriander
Lentil and butternut squash homemade soup
2 small satsumas ( 1 fruit portion ) 1 Apple
2 large coffee with about 150mls soya and 2tsp xylitol
I have added miso and tamarin and a little salt to my food but will reduce each day .
Later I will eat more rice and veg if hungery.

This is totally brilliant for me and am giving myself a high five . Although to be fair I attribute any success to my constant prayer .


Totally inspiring me -- thank you!

:) ahimsa

PCRM Diabetes Resources

I hope this PCRM webpage will help:

Karen Meyer

How did things turn out for you? I also have diabetes and need to lose weight and lower A1C. My fasting blood glucose readings have not been great this week.

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