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Health and Nutrition Fact Sheets
02/27/2013 - ABOUT THE PHYSICIANS COMMITTEE The Physicians Committe: Advocates for Ethical Standards in Research, Advocates for Preventive Medicine Through Good Nutrition This brochure explains the dual mission of the Physicians Committee and how you can take part in our exciting work
Trade Your Smelly Lipitor Bottle for a Vegetarian Starter Kit!
07/11/2011 - Are you one of the hundreds of thousands who had to dump their Lipitor pills due to Pfizer’s recall? Drugmaker Pfizer recently expanded its recall of the cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor after reports of a musty odor in more bottles. This recall affects 38,000 bottles, on top of the more than 300,000 bottles
PCRM Offers New Nutrition Tools
11/22/2010 - The Vegetarian Starter Kit PCRM has distributed over 300,000 copies of it, and it’s been translated into more than a dozen languages. After years of faithful service, PCRM’s most popular brochure, the Vegetarian Starter Kit, is sporting a lively new look. Readers
Dietas vegetarianas para niƱos desde el inicio
10/12/2010 - Los hábitos alimenticios se fijan temprano en la niñez. Las dietas vegetarianas le proporcionan a su niño la oportunidad de aprender a disfrutar de una variedad de alimentos maravillosos y nutritivos. Estos alimentos proporcionan una nutrición excelente en todas las etapas de la ni&nti
Vegetarian Starter Kit
09/13/2010 - Calcium in Plant-Based Diets Many people avoid milk because it contains saturated fat, cholesterol, allergenic proteins, lactose sugar, and frequent traces of contamination, or simply because they don’t feel well after consuming dairy products. Milk is also linked to
Vegetarian Starter Kit
09/13/2010 - The New Four Food Groups Be sure to include a good source of vitamin B12, such as fortified cereals or vitamin supplements. 3 or more servings a day Fruits are rich in fiber, vitamin C, and beta-carotene. Be sur
Vegetarian Starter Kit
09/13/2010 - Vegetarian Diets for Children: Right from the Start Eating habits are set in early childhood. Vegetarian diets give your child the chance to learn to enjoy a variety of wonderful, nutritious foods. They provide excellent nutrition for all stages of childhood, from birth thr
Vegetarian Starter Kit
04/01/2010 - What type of diet is best for disease prevention and to maintain a healthy weight? The best diet is one that you can stick with for life. A healthy diet is a lifestyle, not a fad that is dangerous or difficult to maintain. Abundant evidence suggests that the most healthful diets set aside animal products and also

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