2014 Airport Food Review: Baltimore Flies High for First Time; Atlanta Lands in Last for Fourth Straight Year

The Physicians Committee


A Report by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine - December 2014

The Physicians Committee’s 14th annual Airport Food Review finds that 75 percent of restaurants at 23 of the top 30 busiest U.S. airports offer at least one healthful plant-based entrée. Fortunately for the 55 percent of travelers who purchase food at the airport, healthful options will not be hard to come by this holiday travel season.1

Dietitians with the Physicians Committee seek out airport restaurants that offer healthful plant-based entrées featuring vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes. Baltimore/Washington International Airport tops the list for the first time this year with a score of 92 percent. BWI travelers can recharge at Airspace Lounge with a vegetable and hummus plate or stop by Silver Diner for gluten-free quinoa pasta, Santa Fe roasted vegetables, or the warm roasted veggie salad made with 10 locally sourced vegetables. Newark Liberty International Airport ties Baltimore for the most improved airport, with both airports’ scores rising 12 points since 2013. New Jersey travelers can easily opt for antioxidant-packed fare at sub shops, pizzerias, and traditional diners.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport remains in last place for the fourth year in a row, with healthful entrées available at just 52 percent of its restaurants. The good news is plant-based options are on the rise at this airport, making it possible to find a vegetable plate, fruit cup, or salad in almost every terminal.


From October to November 2014, Physicians Committee dietitians reviewed restaurant menus at 23 of the 30 busiest U.S. airports. Data collection methods for the Airport Food Review include confirming prepared or customizable menu items through in-person visits, phone calls to restaurant managers, and internet research. Each airport’s score is determined by dividing the number of restaurants offering at least one healthful plant-based entrée by the total number of restaurants in the airport. A restaurant ranks as healthful if it serves at least one high-fiber, cholesterol-free menu item, which includes a breakfast, lunch, or dinner entrée. The healthful option must resemble a meal by including at least two of the four food groups on the Physicians Committee’s Power Plate: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, or legumes.

Examples of healthful airport meals this year include a green reef salad with mango and pecans at Miami’s Islander Bar & Grill; vegetarian chili—on a salad or in a bowl—at Ben’s Chili Bowl at Reagan National Airport; a “pro Kale” salad with kimchi, cucumber, and dulse at Real Food Daily in Los Angeles; Le Grande Orange’s chickpea lettuce wraps at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport; hearts of palm stromboli at French Meadow Bakery and Café at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport; and a veggie burger made with sunflower seeds, brown rice, black beans, and vegetables at Colorado Sports Bar at Denver International Airport.

Facilities that do not serve entrées, such as snack-food kiosks, newspaper stands, and small coffee shops are not included in the review. Larger coffee shops, juice bars, and bakeries that offer entrées, including Starbucks, Jamba Juice, and Caribou Coffee, count as restaurants in the 2014 report. An example of a healthful entrée at Starbucks is the brand new (portable) Hearty Veggie & Brown Rice Salad Bowl, which is packed with brown rice, kale, roasted butternut squash, red cabbage, beets, garden peas, and steamed broccoli.


The 2014 Airport Food Review finds that 75 percent of airport restaurants offer healthful options, which marks a 1 percent decrease from the 2013 report. In spite of this year’s drop, due to the inclusion of five new airports in the review, the long-term trend shows an increase in airport restaurants offering healthful options. In 2001, the first Airport Food Review found that only 57 percent of restaurants offered at least one healthful option.


This year’s report also finds that airports aren’t just showcasing artisanal vegetable fare as part of a growing food trend but that they remain proactive in helping travelers identify healthful options. Dallas/Fort Worth International and Phoenix Sky Harbor have added dining guides to their websites that point customers toward immunity-boosting, cholesterol-free items. O’Hare restaurants now incorporate fresh produce grown on site in the world’s first aeroponic airport farm. Los Angeles International has opened Real Food Daily, which sells only organic, plant-based cuisine, while Newark Liberty International plans to open an all vegetarian and vegan restaurant later this year.

Physicians Committee dietitian Susan Levin, M.S., R.D., C.S.S.D., urges travelers to take advantage of the “build-your-own” options that many airport restaurants now offer. By loading up on fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, seeds, and fiber-rich whole grains, like brown rice and quinoa, passengers can take charge of their health and choose to leave the unhealthful fats, cholesterol, and heavily processed foods behind. Options include Houston’s Real Food Company and Philadelphia’s Saladworks, which offer customizable salads, and Atlanta’s Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill, where travelers can build their own vegetable plates. At Sir Veza’s Taco Garage, Minneapolis visitors can create vegetable burrito bowls with veggies, brown rice, and black beans. Travelers can even build their own steel-cut oatmeal bowls with fresh fruit at Cereality or Jamba Juice in Dallas and customize a pure “farm-to-flight” breakfast smoothie at Berkshire Farms, located in Boston’s Logan International Airport.

Customizing meals to include colorful, antioxidant-rich foods can help travelers manage the stress of holiday travel. A recent study in BMJ Open found that those who eat the most fruits and vegetables have the highest mental well-being and feel calmer, happier, and more energetic.2 Loading up on carotenoid-packed fruits and vegetables (the dark leafy green, bright red, and orange variety) can also provide your body with powerful antioxidants that boost the immune system.3 This pays off in the long run: Longitudinal studies show a correlation between plant-based eating patterns and a reduced risk for type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, certain cancers, and dementia. 4-8

“Our eyes are naturally drawn to colorful plant-based foods,” advises Susan Levin, M.S., R.D., C.S.S.D. “The more colorful the meal is, the more likely it is to contain a wide variety of phytochemicals and phytonutrients to keep our bodies healthy and strong.”

Detailed Review

Following is a summary of what Physicians Committee nutrition experts found at each airport, ranked from best to worst:

1. Baltimore/Washington International Airport (92 percent): BWI gains 12 percentage points and soars from fourth to first place this year. More than 90 percent of BWI’s restaurants serve at least one healthful plant-based option, with restaurants like Silver Diner going above and beyond to provide Baltimore travelers with nutrient-packed options. Silver Diner’s flexitarian menu, based on seasonal and local foods, features colorful vegetarian stir-fries with gluten-free quinoa pasta, kidney bean chili, and a fall harvest salad with 10 locally sourced fruits and vegetables. Ram’s Head also changes its menu seasonally, offering options like the spring greens and roasted pear salad, black bean soup, seaweed salad, and the Mediterranean quinoa salad. At Pepper’s Mexican Grill, travelers can find portobello mushroom burritos and protein-packed rice and beans, while Zona Cocina and Chipotle allow passengers to customize vegetable-packed salads, tacos, and burrito bowls. With multiple salads at DuClaw Brewing Company, small vegetable plates at Sky Azure, and a vegan veggie burger at Kraze Burger, Baltimore travelers have their pick of healthful fare from which to choose this year.

2. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (90 percent): In its first year on the list, Seattle takes off in second place. With 90 percent of restaurants offering at least one healthful option, travelers won’t have to look far to find nutritious meals with a Northwest flair throughout the airport. Vintage Washington serves fiber-packed oatmeal to early morning travelers and antioxidant-rich pecan apple salad later in the day. Seattle sports fans can visit Seattle Seahawks 12 Club for steel-cut oatmeal with fresh berries and chopped walnuts. Or they can try a vegetarian fiesta salad made with roasted corn, black bean relish, diced tomatoes, leafy greens, and salsa. Kobo offers vegetable sushi, garden salads, and miso soup. Seattle visitors who crave coffee can head to Starbucks for prepackaged hearty veggie and brown rice bowls made with roasted butternut squash, beets, kale, red cabbage, steamed broccoli, and garden peas, topped with a lemon tahini dressing.

3. Los Angeles International Airport (88 percent): LAX rises 5 percent from 2013 and climbs to third place on the list. Travelers can sample fresh, organic California produce at Real Food Daily, the nation’s first all-vegan airport eatery. Real Food Daily serves raw kale salads, lentil mushroom burgers, and “real food” bowls packed with sea vegetables, black beans, kimchi, and brown rice. At Lemonade, travelers can choose from more than a dozen varieties of fresh marketplace salads. Snap peas, edamame, and sesame; avocado, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, and lime; and roasted yellow beets, pomegranate, and cilantro rise to the top of this plant-powered menu. Travelers looking for heartier fare can visit Ford’s Filling Station for an urban herbivore sandwich or stop by Larder at Tavern for flavor-packed broccoli and cauliflower bowls. This restaurant also dishes a signature salad with sweet potatoes, beets, chickpeas, and avocado. 

4. Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (87 percent): National Airport drops one spot but gains 4 percent this year. Gallery Bar offers a Mediterranean box with grapes leaves, tomatoes, and leafy greens. For fresh salads, Washington travelers can visit Sam and Harry’s for arugula with oranges and spiced nuts, CIBO Bistro for a beet variety, or head to Cosi for kale and romaine with roasted sweet potatoes, red peppers, black beans, corn, and avocado. Ben's Chili Bowl offers its own variety by serving high-fiber, protein-packed vegan chili on a salad, in a cup, or in a bowl. Tagliare even serves broccoli rabe as a centerpiece on its made-to-order pizzas that let travelers swap oil and cheese for plant-based toppings, including arugula, mushrooms, crushed red peppers, artichokes, and tomato sauce.

5. Newark Liberty International Airport (86 percent): Newark rises 12 percent this year, tying Baltimore for most improved airport in 2014. To sample fresh picks from the Garden State, travelers can head to Java Moon Café for the fall moon salad made with fresh baby greens, toasted pine nuts, crisp apples, dried apricots, raisins, and raspberries served with a side of raisin nut bread or a fresh vegetable stir-fry. Mediterranean Bistro provides tabbouleh, almond rice salad, lentil soup, hummus, and grilled vegetable kebobs. For a healthful taste of New Jersey diner food, passengers can choose colorful salads and grilled vegetable wraps from Garden State Diner. Sandella’s Flatbread Café offers a vegetable confetti grilled flatbread, vegetable wraps, salads, and black bean and rice bowls. Busy travelers can also stop by one of seven Market Fresh kiosks for fresh fruit and veggie wraps.

6. (tie) LaGuardia Airport (84 percent): LaGuardia lifts off in sixth place in its first year on the list. Busy New York travelers can head to CIBO Express Market to grab quick, healthful options including roasted root vegetable salads, vegan pad thai, cucumber and avocado sushi rolls, Southwest vegetable tofu wraps, super green salads, and fresh fruit. Healthy Gourmet provides leafy green and ancient grain salads, nutrient-packed snacks, and antioxidant-rich fare for health-conscious travelers on the go. Bisoux prepares fresh leafy green salads, roasted beet dishes, and an ALT: avocado, lettuce, and tomato sandwich on multigrain bread. Victory Grill dishes out black bean hummus, chilled melon ginger soup, kale salad, fresh fruit cups, and an organic mixed greens salad, while Crust offers grilled eggplant sandwiches and arugula salads with roasted peppers, almond slivers, red onions, and a lemon vinaigrette.

6. (tie) Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (84 percent): Detroit loses 1 percent this year and drops four spots. Travelers can visit National Coney Island, a local Michigan eatery, and opt for a healthful vegetable or spinach tortilla wrap, or stop by Sora Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar for four different types of vegetable rolls: avocado, asparagus, cucumber, and kanpyo. At Hockeytown Café and Legends Bar, dinner salads are made to order. Le Petit Bistro also offers custom salads with spinach, strawberries, mangos, grapes, and other fresh fruits and vegetables.

7. Denver International Airport (83 percent): Denver loses 3 percent this year and falls from first to seventh place due to increased competition. The airport still features an array of healthful Colorado favorites. Denver Chophouse offers salads, which can all be made cholesterol-free with options like grilled portobello and arugula or fresh greens with avocado, garbanzo beans, toasted pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, and blueberries. Denver Chophouse also offers fresh, colorful side dishes including cabernet mushrooms, roasted rainbow carrots and apples, asparagus, spinach, and sweet potato fries. At Root Down, travelers can opt for steel-cut oats with coconut milk, veggie burger sliders, roasted beet salad, or a tofu bento box to go. Etai’s Bakery Café offers the prepackaged Power Salad with coconut-charred kale, arugula, hazelnut cranberry quinoa, green apples, shaved carrots, and celery root with preserved lemon vinaigrette. Travelers can pick up the fig and tomato bruschetta at Cru Food and Wine Bar or head to Colorado Sports bar to sample vegan burgers made with sunflower seeds, brown rice, black beans, and vegetables.

8. San Francisco International Airport (82 percent): San Francisco gains six points but drops two spots this year. Travelers can sample local Bay Area cuisine at Napa Farms Market, which offers organic rainbow carrots, chilled cucumber salad, and tempeh sandwiches with spinach, hummus, and avocado, while San Francisco Soup Company serves sourdough bread with smoky split pea soup. The Plant Café Organic offers fresh fruit and gluten-free vegan quinoa, teriyaki, green curry, and udon noodle bowls. They also serve San Francisco’s “best veggie burger” made with lentils, beets, bulgur wheat, and cashews. Boudin’s Bakery and Café serves a California vegetable sandwich with roasted peppers, onions, avocado, and sundried tomato spread. Travelers with a taste for the international can opt for Mediterranean cucumber, broccoli, and tomato pitas at Amoura Café, yellow radish rolls and avocado rolls at Osho Japanese Cuisine, or capellini with roasted tomatoes at Firewood Grill.
9. Washington Dulles International Airport (80 percent): Dulles once again cruises steadily at 80 percent but drops five spots this year due to increased competition. At Vino Volo, passengers can choose from healthful small plates including a kale and blueberry salad with red onion, sliced almonds, and ginger-lime vinaigrette. Potbelly Sandwich Works offers a chickpea salad and a Mediterranean sandwich with hummus, artichoke hearts, cucumbers, and red peppers. Travelers can create their own salads or roasted vegetable wraps at Green Leaf’s & Bananas, while they can customize vegetable burritos, bowls, and fresh salads at California Tortilla.

10. Logan International Airport (79 percent): Boston debuts at tenth place this year, with many of its restaurants showcasing healthful Boston cuisine. Berkshire Farms Market, which specializes in locally grown Massachusetts foods, serves kale and quinoa salads, hummus wraps, vegetable snacks, and freshly squeezed juice and smoothies. For a taste of Fenway Park, Boston baseball fans can head to Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar and Grille for vegetarian Thai fresh rolls, a crudité tray, or a garden veggie burger made with cashews, fresh vegetables, and grains. Boston Beer Works offers salads filled with avocado, peppers, grapes, pecans, corn, and apples. During New England’s cold winter months, travelers can warm up with oatmeal and nine different types of vegan soup, including vegetarian chili and tomato lentil, at Au Bon Pain. Gogo Stop offers healthful meals and snacks for travelers on the go, who can pick up vegetable wraps, veggie sushi rolls, individual servings of plant milk and fresh fruit.

11. (tie) John F. Kennedy International Airport (78 percent): JFK is back on the list for the first time since 2007 and marks its return with a 2 percent increase in restaurants offering healthful options. For a taste of New York, JFK passengers can opt for vegetable wraps with bell peppers, eggplant, zucchini, and greens from Brooklyn National Deli, steel-cut oatmeal with blueberries from Uptown Brasserie, or roasted mushroom pizza from SoHo Bistro. As the U.S. airport with the highest volume of international traffic, JFK also offers an array of international fare. Italian options include sandwiches with tomato and olive spread at Tuscany Café and Tuscan kale and acorn squash farro at Due Amici. Lucy’s Asian Kitchen serves kung pao tofu and mixed vegetables with rice while Revolucion serves Mexican-inspired avocado, jicama, and chayote squash salads.

11. (tie) Chicago O’Hare International Airport (78 percent): Chicago loses 7 percent this year, but there are still plenty of healthful options available at the nation’s second busiest airport. At B Smooth, travelers can recharge by building their own salads or green smoothies. Burrito Beach offers grilled vegetable tacos, black bean burritos, veggie chili, and Mexican quinoa salad with greens, roasted peppers, black beans, salsa, and guacamole. Wicker Park Sushi serves cucumber and avocado rolls, edamame, seaweed salad with daikon and carrot, miso soup, and tofu salads, while Hub 51 serves sweet potato sushi rolls and a Brussels sprouts salad. Chicago Cubs Bar & Grill will fuel sports fans with healthful oatmeal, a Field of Greens salad, and a harvest vegetable soup made with vegetables, beans, and barley. Farmers Market serves healthful grab-and-go options like Italian bean salads, along with vegetables grown fresh on site in the world’s first aeroponic airport garden.

11. (tie) Philadelphia International Airport (78 percent): Philadelphia returned to the list for the first time since 2006. At Saladworks, passengers can create their own salads with their choice of greens, fresh vegetables, fruit, whole-wheat pasta, and beans. They can also build healthful vegetable burritos at Chipotle and Currito Burrito, which offers lettuce, broccoli, tofu, three types of beans, tomatoes, guacamole, corn salsa, mango salsa, carrots, cucumbers, hummus, and Asian slaw. Travelers who are craving a healthful twist on local Philadelphia cuisine can opt for the grilled veggie sub with onions, peppers, mushrooms, black olives, and cucumbers from Philly Steak & Gyros or the veggie sandwich with sautéed broccoli rabe, spinach, sweet peppers, onions, and marinara sauce from Tony Luke’s.

12. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (74 percent): Phoenix loses five points this year, but travelers will still find an array of healthful options at Sky Harbor. The recently revamped terminal 4 offers passengers a taste of Phoenix by showcasing some of the area’s most popular restaurants. Nocawich serves a kale salad and cashew butter and blackberry jam sandwich, while Le Grande Orange serves organic oatmeal and chickpea lettuce wraps. Sauce serves colorful salads and Cowboy Ciao offers the vegetarian Stetson Chopped Salad with arugula, avocado, Israeli couscous, trail mix, corn, and diced tomatoes. In terminal 2, NYPD Pizza offers a fall harvest salad with greens, dried cranberries, fresh pears, and sliced almonds. Travelers can even customize pizzas by swapping fresh vegetables for oils, meats, and cheese.

13. Charlotte Douglas International Airport (73 percent): Charlotte gains 3 percent but drops two spots this year. Ciao Gourmet Marketplace offers vegetable salads, hummus and vegetables, seaweed salad, and three different types of vegetable sushi rolls. Phipps Bistro serves healthful sandwiches, including grilled garden vegetables and pesto on ciabatta, and platters with Arcadia lettuces, hummus, cucumber, olives, peppers, and pita. At Genghis Grill, travelers can choose the Buddhist Bowl with brown rice, tofu, and an assortment of mixed vegetables.

14. Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (72 percent): Health-conscious travelers are in luck this year: Las Vegas gains four points and opens an assortment of healthful new restaurants. PGA Tour Grill features an “on the green” menu that offers an array of healthful salads, including the chopped kale and Mediterranean salads that come with arugula, tomato relish, peppers, walnuts, roasted artichokes, toasted pumpkin seeds, dried cherries, and fennel. At Las Vegas Chophouse & Brewery, travelers can order a grilled portobello mushroom sandwich topped with fresh greens, tomatoes, and a side of asparagus. Burke in the Box offers vegan wraps filled with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and mixed greens, while Rachel’s Kitchen offers salads, grab-and-go vegetarian sandwiches, and fresh whole fruit. For a nutritious meal with a Southwest flair, passengers can opt for broccoli and tofu burritos at 360 Gourmet Burritos. Travelers can also stop by California Pizza Kitchen to sample the split-pea barley soup or brand new quinoa salad, which sits on top of a bed of dark leafy greens.  

15. (tie) Miami International Airport (69 percent): Miami International Airport loses two points and drops five spots this year. Islander Bar & Grill dishes out a green reef salad made with mixed field greens, tomatoes, pecans, and fresh mango, while Icebox Café has the Health Nut sandwich made with tofu, spinach, and sprouts. Miami travelers can enjoy a healthful taste of Cuban cuisine at Café La Carreta, which offers lentil, garbanzo bean, and tropical vegetable soup, fresh fruit plates, and grilled vegetable skewers on top of rice, mixed greens, and boiled yuka. Beaudevin serves a roasted red pepper hummus plate with naan and vegetables and a Mediterranean vegetable sampler plate with grilled artichokes, grilled zucchini, and white bean and olive salad.

15. (tie) Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (69 percent): Minneapolis loses three points this year, but travelers can choose exceptionally healthful dishes at restaurants throughout the airport. French Meadow Bakery and Café starts the day with organic oatmeal topped with plant milk, fresh organic apples, organic bananas, raisins, and toasted sunflower seeds. For lunch or dinner, try the French Meadow House Salad with organic mixed greens with fresh beets, carrots, and tomatoes, or the vegan black bean chili served with brown rice and sautéed kale. SurdyK’s Flights serves soba noodles tossed in a light tamari-sesame dressing with seasonal vegetables and micro greens and an organic spring green salad with walnuts. Cocina Del Barrio, a popular Minneapolis-area restaurant, offers quinoa salad with avocado and arugula, black bean tostadas with mango salsa, roasted beet salads with arugula and orange, red chili grilled vegetable sandwiches with black beans, and pumpkin seed granola with fresh fruit.

16. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (67 percent): Dallas loses 12 points this year simply due to stricter grading standards that ensure healthful options are advertised on restaurant menus. However, the airport continues to make great strides to promote healthful options. Dallas now offers a plant-based eating guide on its website, making it easier for travelers to find cholesterol-free items. The airport even met with each airport restaurant to ensure they can customize a plant-based vegan meal for all travelers.

Dallas travelers can start the day off strong with an ample dose of vitamin C with Cereality’s peachy keen steel-cut oatmeal bowl or stop by Jamba Juice for a similar antioxidant-packed version. For lunch and dinner, Ling & Louie's serves the Buddha’s Feast with wok’d asparagus, green beans, mushrooms, and red onions with a hint of Thai basil. Grand Met at the Hyatt Hotel offers a variety of leafy green salads and garden pasta with market greens, roasted butternut squash, mushrooms, and chili flakes. Those looking for a taste of Texas can stop by Urban Taco for a roasted corn and lime taco with poblano peppers, onions, cilantro, and black beans, or Tequileria to sample its mango and jicama fruit salads.

17. Orlando International Airport (66 percent): Orlando loses five points this year and drops from 10th to 17th place. For healthful options, Ruby Tuesday offers an endless garden salad bar with ample greens, beans, edamame, and sunflower seeds, while Nature’s Table Bistro serves avocado and cucumber sandwiches, vegetarian chili, tabbouleh salad, and a hearty vegetable soup. At Moe’s Southwest Grill and at Qdoba, travelers can choose burrito bowls filled with tofu or black beans, rice, avocadoes, and tomatoes. For travelers in a hurry, ZaZa Cuban Coffee offers a vegetable sandwich with spinach, red peppers, and zucchini, while CIBO Express stocks its shelves with family-friendly travel snacks, such as apples and bananas—the ultimate fast food.

18. Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport (65 percent): Houston loses eight points this year. Houston travelers can maximize their health by customizing fiber-packed meals at various restaurants throughout the airport. They can build their own salads at The Real Food Company or customize sandwiches at Nature’s Kitchen Fresh Café and Camden Food Co. Bullritos and La Salsa allow passengers to build vegetable-packed “BLT” burritos: made with black beans, lettuce, and tomatoes.

19. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (52 percent): Atlanta lands in last for the fourth straight year but does gain one point. Travelers in the nation’s busiest airport can find healthful options showcasing Georgia-grown food at Food Network Kitchen, which offers the Gate City Grain Salad with quinoa, organic baby spinach, dried peaches, local pickled baby beets, roasted onions, and chopped Georgia peanuts. At Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint, passengers can grab garlic steamed broccoli or plant sandwiches filled with grilled yellow squash, zucchini, roasted eggplant, red pepper, lettuce, tomato, and basil vinaigrette. The newly opened Harvest + Grounds offers fresh beet salads, while Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill lets travelers build their own vegetable plates.  Looking to stay hydrated for a long flight? Stop by Lotta Frutta for a martini-inspired fruit cup. The Naturalezza comes with fresh cut apple, banana, papaya, and grapes.

Table 1: Airport Scores for 2014

Airport Healthful Restaurants/ Total Restaurants Score
1. Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport 36/39 92%
2. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport 43/48 90%
3. Los Angeles International Airport 52/59 88%
4. Reagan National Airport 26/30 87%
5. Newark Liberty International Airport 49/57 86%
6. LaGuardia Airport (tie) 38/45 84%
6. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (tie) 37/44 84%
7. Denver International Airport 54/65 83%
8. San Francisco International Airport 47/57 82%
9. Dulles International Airport 28/35 80%
10. Boston Logan International Airport 62/78 79%
11. John F. Kennedy International Airport (tie) 83/106 78%
11. Chicago O’Hare International Airport (tie) 87/111 78%
11. Philadelphia International Airport (tie) 53/68 78%
12. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport 42/57 74%
13. Charlotte Douglas International Airport 36/49 73%
14. Las Vegas McCarran International Airportt 52/75 72%
15. Miami International Airport (tie) 54/78 69%
15. Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport (tie) 48/70 69%
16. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport 66/98 67%
17. Orlando International Airport 27/41 66%
18. Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport 51/79 65%
19. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport 65/126 52%



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