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Lung Cancer
07/17/2012 - Phytoestrogens May Reduce Risk of Lung Cancer A new study at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center shows that natural compounds in beans and vegetables may reduce the risk of lung cancer. Phytoestrogens (phyto means plant) are structurally similar to estrog
Animal Smoking Experiments: Part 2
03/06/2011 - Beyond Animal Research By Jonathan Balcombe, Ph.D. November 2004 Animal Smoking Experiments: Part II Scientists have known for decades that smoking can have devastating
Animal Smoking Experiments
03/06/2011 - Beyond Animal Research By Jonathan Balcombe, Ph.D. September 2004 Animal Smoking Experiments Scientists like to joke that smoking is a leading cause of statistics
An Examination of Animal Experiments
02/27/2011 - Inaccurate Results Money Lost, Attention Diverted The Time Factor
Quitting Smoking
02/17/2011 - Quitting Smoking The risks of smoking are well established: cancer, heart disease, stroke, and respiratory problems. Thankfully, many health risks are dramatically reduced by quitting: Two to three years after quitting, female ex-smokers have no higher risk of a heart disease death, compared to non-smokers.
Smoking Gun: Forcing Tobacco on Animals
01/20/2011 - Scientists have known for decades that smoking can have devastating effects on human health. Yet researchers continue to waste time, money, and animals’ lives conducting cruel smoking experiments on animals. In two recent columns written exclusively for PCRM’s
The Latest in ...
12/27/2010 - ALTERNATIVES TO ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS New Technique Shows Drug Effects in the Human Brain Researchers at the Brain Imaging Center of McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts, have published the first research study showing the cocaine-induced changes in the blood vessels within the human brain. Coc

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