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The Cruelest Testing Program Yet
12/11/2010 - Following on the heels of the ill-conceived and cruel High Production Volume Challenge program and the Voluntary Children's Chemical Evaluation Program, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now pushing the largest animal testing program in history, calling for tests on up to 87,000 chemicals, us
The Verdict Goes against HRT
12/03/2010 - In July, the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI), which was studying the effects of combined estrogen and progestin use in postmenopausal women, was halted. It ended three years early after researchers observed an increased risk of breast cancer, potentially deadly blood clots, strokes, and heart disease in wom
Concerns about Growth Hormone Experiments in Short Children
10/31/2010 - Concerns about Growth Hormone Experiments in Short Children Beginning in 1958, human growth hormone (hGH) was extracted from cadavers for use in children who do not produce normal amounts. The hormone increases the height of hormone-deficient short children, although t
Human Experiments: Redrawing the Ethical Boundaries
10/31/2010 - Human Experiments: Redrawing the Ethical Boundaries Late 1993 was marked by revelations that hundreds of nonconsenting Americans had been used in radiation tests that began in the 1940s and continued much longer. The full facts of these experiments are not yet known. Earlier in the year, the National Academy of Sc
Protecting Children from Human Growth Hormone Risks
10/31/2010 - Human Growth Hormone Since 1959, human growth hormone has been used to promote growth in children who do not produce growth hormone naturally or who have one of several conditions that impair growth. Because the hormone was derived from human cadavers, it was in short supply. In 1985, however, the availability of
A Natural Approach to Menopause
09/24/2010 - A Natural Approach to Menopause Every day, in hundreds of doctors’ offices, the same conversation takes place between women going through menopause and their doctors. The doctor writes out a prescription for estrogen pills or patches, saying they will replace the hormones her body ought to be making. They wil
Menopause Is Not a Disease
07/01/2002 - By Neal D. Barnard, M.D., and Kristine Kieswer This commentary was published in a number of newspapers in July 2002, including the Houston Chronicle (July 25) under the title “Drugs Aren't the Best Prescription for Menopause.” The government's recent early termination of t

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