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Meat Week Should Be Renamed Erectile Dysfunction Acceptance Week, say Doctors
01/26/2014 - Many men who live with the stigma of impotence do not understand its true cause: meat WASHINGTON— The Physicians Committee—a nonprofit of more than 10,000 concerned doctors—is urging the founders of Meat Week to rename the event “Erectile Dysfunction Acceptance Week,” alerting men to the
The Power Plate: Lose Weight, Lower Cholesterol, Tackle Diabetes
12/20/2013 - The Power Plate: Lose Weight, Lower Cholesterol, Tackle Diabetes The epidemics of obesity and diabetes are having a devastating effect on Native Americans. Once rare among the community, one in five now suffers from Type 2 diabetes. And this disease of older adults is now being diagnosed even in Native children and
Height Associated with Cancer Risk
07/29/2013 - Tall women have a greater risk for various cancers, compared with those who are shorter, according to a new study by the American Association for Cancer Research. Researchers analyzed the data from 144,701 postmenopausal participants from the Women's Health Initiative and found that as height increased, so did risk of
National Conference to End Factory Farming: for Health, Environment, and Farm Animals
09/27/2011 - PCRM’s new “Antibiotic Resistance from Animal Agriculture” report uncovers some of the health-related consequences of factory farming. This month, you can learn more about the dangers of factory farming at the National Conference to End Factory Farming. Elizabeth Kucinich, PCRM’s director of pu
Ivy League Cruelty
09/22/2011 - The most fragile time in a dog’s life is the first few weeks after birth. Their mothers—or their human caretakers—would never neglect them during this time, if they had the young one’s interests at heart. But in a University of Pennsylvania laboratory, technicians did not even notice when a newb
Meat and Dairy Dangers Concealed in Dietary Guidelines, Says Lawsuit
04/14/2011 - PCRM is suing the federal government over the newly released Dietary Guidelines. Deliberately obscure language about the consequences of eating meat and dairy products hinders America’s fight against obesity. The lawsuit, which was covered by The Washington Post, was filed against the U.S. Department of A
Confining Rodents in Laboratory Cages Has Troubling Consequences
03/06/2011 - Beyond Animal Research By Jonathan Balcombe, Ph.D. July 2005 Confining Rodents in Laboratory Cages Has Troubling Consequences Throughout history, human societies have
Chandler Residents Sign Statements of Opposition Against Covance
01/17/2011 - More than 1,300 residents of Chandler, Ariz., have signed statements of opposition to the proposed Covance animal-experimentation facility. After PCRM gathered statements of opposition from those who do not want the proposed facility in Chandler, PCRM informed ot
Kickstart Countdown: Journey to Improved Health Starts Sept. 6
01/12/2011 - The next 21-Day Vegan Kickstart begins in five days. It’s your chance to go vegan and get healthy. And just in time for back-to-school season, this program features the Kickstart Your Kids’ Health conference call. You’ll learn from two leading pediatricians how the road to lifelong good health st
Nutrition and Renal Disease
09/24/2010 - Nutrition and Renal Disease The kidneys’ job is to keep the body’s fluids, electrolytes, and organic solutes in a healthy balance. Their functional units are the million or so nephrons in the renal cortex which filter most constituents of the blood other
PCRM and Director Morgan Spurlock Urge Congress: “Stop the Supersizing of America”
10/27/2004 - WASHINGTON—Every U.S. Senator and Representative will receive a gift tomorrow courtesy of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) and filmmaker Morgan Spurlock: newly issued DVDs of Spurlock’s award-winning documentary, Super Size Me. Billed
Analysis of Health Problems Associated with High-Protein, High-Fat, Carbohydrate-Restricted Diets Reported via an Online Registry
05/25/2004 - Analysis of Health Problems Associated with High-Protein, High-Fat, Carbohydrate-Restricted Diets Reported via an Online Registry   A Report by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine May 2004  Methods | Findings | Discussion | Limitations| Literature

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