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Stem Cells Offer New Alternative to Animals for Skin Tests

Human stem cells can be converted into skin cells and replace animal testing

Alzheimer's Drugs Tested on Animals Fail in Human Brain Cells

Animal tests are not well-suited for evaluating potential treatments for Alzheimer's disease, according to a study published in Stem Cell Reports.

NIH Establishes Human Brain Biobank for Neuroscience Research

The U.S. National Institutes of Health is establishing a network of five brain biobanks to unify and coordinate access to human brain tissue for neuroscience research.

Mice Fail as Models of Human Inflammation: National Academy of Sciences

Studies of inflammatory diseases in mice have been misleading researchers for years, according to a new study just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The researchers analyzed data obtained from human patients who had suffered severe blunt trauma, burns, and sepsis (the body’s severe response to infection) and other inflammatory diseases. They found that the way in which humans respond to inflammation is “not reproduced in the current mouse models.” This could explain why more than 150 drugs that were tested in mice failed in patients with sepsis.

Wild Chimpanzees Found to Play With 'Dolls'

A new report in Current Biology shows that chimpanzees in eastern Africa may use sticks as dolls. Chimpanzees from the Kanyawara community in Uganda carry sticks around in a way similar to the way that children use dolls as human surrogates, taking them from tree to tree, patting and embracing them, and even putting them to bed.

Cell Culture Beats Animal Tests for Irritancy Accuracy

A test method derived from cultured human skin cells is more accurate than animal tests at identifying skin irritants, according to a new report from MatTek, Inc., a Massachusetts company that develops alternatives to animal tests.