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More and more physicians are eager to make nutrition a central part of their practices, and PCRM is here to help you do that. First, we’ll get you up to speed with our simple and concise Continuing Medical Education. Then, we’ll help you explore nutrition’s role in everything from acne to varicose veins, through NutritionMD. And finally, we’ll give you everything you need to help your patients improve their diets: posters, books, simple handouts, DVDs, and even a curriculum that you, a colleague, or one of our instructors can use in group sessions right in your office. Browse through the options below. Your patients will love you for it. Contact PCRM >


International Conference on Diabetes

Nutrition CME


Patient Materials

Vegetarian Starter Kit: Information on vegan dietsVegetarian Starter Kit
Learn about the whys and hows of a healthier diet, the New Four Food Groups guidelines, practical tips for beginning a vegan diet, and delicious low-fat, no-cholesterol recipes. The Vegetarian Starter Kit is also available in Spanish: Guía de Iniciación una Dieta Vegetariana.

Food for LifeWaiting Room Materials
These materials are especially useful in health care professionals' offices and at conferences. PDFs of these materials are available on our downloadable publications and fact sheets page.

Books and DVDs

Books by Neal Barnard, M.D.

PCRM Marketplace

Books and DVDs to improve human health and promote alternatives to the use of animals in research and education.


Nutrition Education Curriculum

Nutrition Education Curriculum

PCRM’s nutrition education curriculum is designed for use in medical offices, worksites, and anywhere people will benefit from learning about the lifesaving effects of healthful eating. PCRM has trained and certified Food for Life instructors across the country who can also help bring nutrition education into your practice with a cooking series that focuses on diabetes, weight loss, or cancer. Contact a PCRM Food for Life instructor in your area.

Nutrition Research

Breaking Medical News
If there’s a hot nutrition report in the journals tomorrow, we’ll let you know about it today. This free e-mail briefing, but will help you stay abreast of the latest news in nutrition, medical research, and preventive medicine.

PCRM Clinical Research Abstracts
PCRM's Washington Center for Clinical Research conducts research on the role of nutrition in health.

Physician Profile

Mother’s Cancer Inspires Nutrition Outreach: Elaine Rancatore, D.O.

Elaine Rancatore, D.O.

After losing her mother to cancer, Elaine Rancatore, D.O., began educating everyone from high school students to senior citizens about the benefits of a healthful plant-based diet. Learn More About Dr. Rancatore >


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Legislative Focus
Join PCRM's efforts to shape important public policy reforms in the areas of ethics and health.

PCRM Volunteer Opportunities for Health Care Professionals
There are a number of ways you can volunteer to help PCRM promote healthy nutrition and ethical research.