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Success Stories

Judi B
Judi wanted to be active in her grandchildren's lives. Eating a plant-based diet, Judi was able to get off her blood pressure medication and has no trouble climbing stairs like she used to.
Patricia S
It's been two years since Patricia started following a plant-based diet, and her diabetes, angina, weight issues, sugar carvings, low energy, and arthritis are gone.
Tracy H
Tracy feels empowered by her new way of eating and that feeling has trickled over to other parts of her life as well.
Scott P
At 44 years old, Scott assumed feeling tired was par for the course--until he started a low-fat, vegan diet.
Larry S
Larry changed his diet to lose weight and restore his health.
Jackie M
After eating a vegan diet, Jackie found more energy and was able to drop 40 lbs.
Nick H
After following a vegan diet, Nick's blood tests show that he has reversed his diabetes!
Andrew B
Andrew says "Adhering a vegan lifestyle has been one of the most --if not the most-- gratifying and empowering decisions I've ever made."
Pamela W
Pamela decided now was the time to make a diet change.
Paul F
Paul was able to get off his medications and lower his A1c.
Pat D
After seeing Dr. Barnard's PBS show on reversing Type 2 Diabetes, Pat Davis started to follow a vegan diet and was able to get off Metformin.
Ray C
Ray participated in the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart and lost 15 pounds.
Eric O
Eric lost 103 pounds, reversed his type 2 diabetes, lowered his cholesterol and blood pressure to healthy levels, and has increased energy.
sherry M
Sherry says her life has so much meaning now since becoming vegan.
John Color.jpg
John K
John was surprised at how easy the transition away from meat and dairy was.
Namakal K
Namakal lowered the amount of medications he has to take for his type 2 Diabetes by following a low-fat, vegan diet.
Vivek S
Within 6 weeks of starting a low-fat, vegan diet, Vivek lowered his A1c by almost 3%.
Harvey F
Harvey's arthritis pain has disappeared.
Peter Noll.jpg
Peter N
Peter reversed his Type 2 Diabetes.
sherry d
Sherry lost 100 pounds and lowered her blood pressure and arthritis pain.
Janja K
Janja has helped her diabetes and GI stress with a vegan diet.
patrick k
Patrick normalized his blood pressure and had to punch a new hole in his belt.
Sheryl T
Sheryl had high blood pressure for over 25 years until she started following a low-fat, vegan diet.
Rebecca G
Rebecca's knee pain vanished, and she was able to ice skate again after starting a vegan diet!
Yumi M
After more than five years of not getting any favorable results from surgeries and prescription medicines, Yumi tried a vegan diet for endometriosis and is no longer suffering from menstrual pains and headaches.
Stephen has been gout-free since starting a whole-foods plant-based diet.
Ginette G
Ginette's fibromyalgia and arthritis symptoms disappeared after adopting a plant-based diet.
Vara L
Vara has experienced increased energy, better sleep, and more from following a plant-based diet.
Zoltan L
Zoltan became a personal chef for a vegan family and quickly switched his own diet.
David W
David has been so motivated by his plant-based transformation that he studied nutrition in graduate school!
Kathy P
Kathy has done more than lose weight on a vegan diet, she's also brought her blood sugar and blood pressure back to the normal range.
Judy F
On a plant-based diet, Judy says "the benefits are endless; low blood pressure, beautiful skin, attractive weight, energy, clear mind, and peace of mind."
Ryan K
Within 6 months of eating a plant-based diet, Ryan lost more than 60 pounds, is off his medications, and competes in Spartan races.
Barry B
Within 120 days of an oil-free, plant-based diet, Barry got off his medications, lost weight without feeling hungry, and increased his energy!
Megan M
Megan's doctor calls her a model patient!
Pamela W
Pamela's pain disappeared after starting a vegan diet.
David W
David says the the biggest benefit he's had on the vegan diet is improved health.
Michael F
Michael lost 25 pounds after starting a vegan diet and his running times and distances have improved.
Sally L
Sally credits her plant-based diet to keeping her ovarian cancer in remission for over 5 years.
Mike D
Mike has had an increase in energy levels and reduced weight, blood pressure, and glucose readings.
Christopher G
After three years on a low-fat vegan diet, Christopher has halted the progression of multiple sclerosis
Kym F
Kym says she controls her fibromyalgia symptoms with her vegan diet.
John B
John is off all his medications, his weight and blood pressure are all within low norms, and he says, most importantly, he is happy.
Denise D
Denise's migraines have stopped since she went vegan.
Darlene D. S
After going vegan, Darlene reduced the pain in her knees and is now able to walk without crutches or a cane.
Frank D
In the first 30 days of his vegan diet, Frank lost 30 pounds and immediately improved his energy and glucose readings.
Evan M
Evan lost 109 pounds went vegan when he was 18, and he has kept the weight off for more than 50 years!
Shelley S
After changing to a vegan diet, within a month Shelley's pain level dropped significantly.
Ruth H
At my present age of 78, I'm still running, biking, and swimming daily, have had no recurrence of the cancer, am on NO drugs, and am about as healthy as a person can be! All due to my vegan diet!
Beth P
The joint pain and swelling, difficulty in standing, walking and putting on shoes was eliminated over the course of seven months by eliminating dairy and other animal products from my diet.
Lynn S
Lynn is a 10-year colon cancer survivor who says she is starving off a recurrence with her diet.
Michelle N
At Michelle's husband's last exam, the doctor found no trace of Crohn's in his intestine.
Within a month of going vegan, the pain in all of Ray's extremities diminished greatly.
Karen C
Karen has already lost 32 pounds and feels great!
Nicole B
After switching to a vegan diet, Nicole was able to chase after her boys without worrying about her rheumatoid arthritis.
Randy B
Randy says that every facet of his life has been turned around because of his vegan diet.
Gene S
After being diagnosed type 2 diabetes two years ago, at Gene's last doctor visit, he was told he is no longer diabetic.
Karen Y
Karen says she has the energy of a 20-year old now.
Dee S
After only 18 days, Dee has lost weight and lowered her blood sugar.
Randy K
Randy lowered his weight and is off her cholesterol medicine.
Dave D
Dave is off his metformin after switching to a vegan diet.
Kathryn L
Katherine changed her diet and her life when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.
Kathy F
Kathy's arthritis, walking sticks, and crutches are now a thing of the past.
Lois hasn't had any migraines since she went vegan.
Heidi W
The first thing Heidi noticed was the amazing energy and stamina she got from the diet.
Bill F
After 3 days on a vegan diet, Bill was forced to stop taking his insulin shots.
Joanne I
After four months of eating a vegan diet, Joanne's arthritis disappeared.
Carter T
Carter noticed a huge difference in her psoriasis arthritis after going vegan.
Ann I
After reading Reversing Diabetes and trying a vegan diet, Ann's blood tests dramatically improved.
Roger M
Roger lost 110 pounds by following a vegan diet.
Susan B
Susan lost 55 pounds by going vegan.
michele j
Since going vegan Michele haa lost at least 20 pounds and is still slowly losing weight.
Harold W
Harold and his wife tried the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart, and they lost weight, increased their energy, and "now feel like a million bucks"!
Tovah T
Tovah reversed her rheumatoid arthritis, interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia, depression, and anxiety.
Naomi K
Within a couple of months of starting the diet, Naomi was off all of her diabetic medications.
Steven H
Steven has lost over 40 pounds and significantly reduced his need for insulin.