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Diabetes Success Stories

Patricia S
It's been two years since Patricia started following a plant-based diet, and her diabetes, angina, weight issues, sugar carvings, low energy, and arthritis are gone.
Namakal K
Namakal lowered the amount of medications he has to take for his type 2 Diabetes by following a low-fat, vegan diet.
Eric O
Eric lost 103 pounds, reversed his type 2 diabetes, lowered his cholesterol and blood pressure to healthy levels, and has increased energy.
Nick H
After following a vegan diet, Nick's blood tests show that he has reversed his diabetes!
Pamela W
Pamela decided now was the time to make a diet change.
Steven H
Steven has lost over 40 pounds and significantly reduced his need for insulin.
Paul F
Paul was able to get off his medications and lower his A1c.
Within a month of going vegan, the pain in all of Ray's extremities diminished greatly.
Pat D
After seeing Dr. Barnard's PBS show on reversing Type 2 Diabetes, Pat Davis started to follow a vegan diet and was able to get off Metformin.
Frank D
In the first 30 days of his vegan diet, Frank lost 30 pounds and immediately improved his energy and glucose readings.
Janja K
Janja has helped her diabetes and GI stress with a vegan diet.
Mike D
Mike has had an increase in energy levels and reduced weight, blood pressure, and glucose readings.
David W
David has been so motivated by his plant-based transformation that he studied nutrition in graduate school!
Gene S
After being diagnosed type 2 diabetes two years ago, at Gene's last doctor visit, he was told he is no longer diabetic.
Karen Y
Karen says she has the energy of a 20-year old now.
Naomi K
Within a couple of months of starting the diet, Naomi was off all of her diabetic medications.
Ann I
After reading Reversing Diabetes and trying a vegan diet, Ann's blood tests dramatically improved.
Bill F
After 3 days on a vegan diet, Bill was forced to stop taking his insulin shots.
Dave D
Dave is off his metformin after switching to a vegan diet.
Peter Noll.jpg
Peter N
Peter reversed his Type 2 Diabetes.
Vivek S
Within 6 weeks of starting a low-fat, vegan diet, Vivek lowered his A1c by almost 3%.

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