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Super Bowl Showdown: Buffalo-Style Cauliflower versus Chicken

Gearing up for the big game this weekend? The Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos might be battling for the win in Super Bowl XLVIII, but we can all win this year by planning a healthful and delicious menu.

Football season has become synonymous with overindulgence, starting with tailgating parties and culminating in the Super Bowl, which is the country’s second biggest food consumption day behind only Thanksgiving. According to the National Chicken Council, Americans are expected to consume a walloping 1.25 billion chicken wings this weekend. Chicken wings are filled with fat and cholesterol, and our 2012 report even found that half of the chicken in grocery stores is contaminated with feces!

The good news is that fans can win by opting for better choices. For the first time, fans attending the game at MetLife Stadium will have the opportunity to ditch the cholesterol and carcinogens in processed meat and indulge on brand new veggie burgers and hot dogs. Fans at home don’t have to miss out, either. Packing your plate with antioxidant-rich Buffalo-style cauliflower instead of chicken wings is definitely something to cheer about!

Jason Wrobel’s recipe for Buffalo-Style Cauliflower with Dipping Sauce

Check out Jason Wrobel’s recipe for Buffalo-Style Cauliflower with Dipping Sauce. And check out his vegan cooking show, How to Live to 100, on the Cooking Channel!

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