Little Rock Proclamation

The Physicians Committee



Proclamation supporting Kickstart Your Health Little Rock






Signed Proclamation by Mark Stodola, Mayor, Little Rock, AR

WHEREAS, two out of three adults are overweight or obese and nearly one in 10 is living with type 2 diabetes in Arkansas and Pulaski County,1

WHEREAS, heart disease is the leading killer of Arkansans and Americans and almost one-fourth (23.1 percent) of all Arkansas deaths are due to heart disease,2

WHEREAS, Arkansas ranked first in the nation for stroke mortality in 2010 (latest year available),3
WHEREAS, large health disparities remain, particularly among black adults who have greater mortality rates from cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, and certain cancers, compared with white adults,4

WHEREAS, Arkansas ranked 49 in health outcomes according to America’s Health Rankings by United Health Foundation in 2014,5

NOW THEREFORE BE IT, that the Office of the Mayor proclaims its support for the Kickstart Your Health Little Rock initiative, which will empower the city of Little Rock to improve its health and well-being with the support of Neal Barnard, M.D., and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in conjunction with the Arkansas Department of Health, and the Baptist Health Medical Center. Kickstart Your Health Little Rock will encourage a healthful lifestyle through local nutrition classes, participating restaurants that provide healthier options, partnerships with local physicians, nutrition resources, employee wellness programs, healthful school foods, and a free running training program. The Office of the Mayor encourages residents, businesses, and health care professionals to participate in the Kickstart Your Health Little Rock initiative by attending a public event, pledging to change your diet, or encouraging your school or business to get on board.

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