Food for Life Training: Member Benefits

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Translating Nutrition Research into Community Education: A Workshop for Implementing Diet-Related Chronic Disease Curricula

Food for Life Training: Member Benefits

Upon completion of the training, instructors and Educational Alliance Program partners become members of the Food for Life Educators Network. The benefits of membership include:

Program Resources

License to teach the Physicians Committee's award-winning class curricula, including:

  • Food for Life: Cancer Project
  • Food for Life: Diabetes Initiative
  • Food for Life: Kids Health
  • Food for Life: Kickstart Your Health
  • Food for Life: Nutrition Essentials
  • Food for Life: Healthy Basics
  • Food for Life: Spanish Diabetes Initiative
  • Access to updated curricula
  • Exclusive discounted pricing on Physicians Committee literature

  • Continued use of loaner cookware from our program sponsors Vitamix (instructors and EAPs) and Saladmaster (instructors only) to teach classes

  • Class marketing and promotional support and tools

  • Full access to programmatic tools and resources including models and templates for quick and easy program operation solutions

  • Ongoing programmatic support services from the Physicians Committee's headquarters

  • Access to the Physicians Committee's class online registration system

  • Assistance with diet related questions from the Physicians Committee's nutrition experts

Learning Services

  • Monthly professional development seminars

  • Subscription to Good Medicine, the Physicians Committee's quarterly magazine  

  • Subscriptions to the Physicians Committee's e-resources, including: Breaking Medical News, Food for Life Recipe of the Week, Food for Life e-newsletter, and Physicians Committee Online


  • Use of the FFL Online Listserv to discuss various topics and get practical solutions from your network of colleagues

  • Registration in Physicians Committee membership program of more than 125,000 health care professionals and concerned citizens dedicated to creating a healthier, more compassionate future (value $20)

  • Ongoing coaching from experienced instructors and Educational Alliance Program partners

The annual membership renewal fee is $49.