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Translating Nutrition Research into Community Education: A Workshop for Implementing Diet-Related Chronic Disease Curricula

Food for Life Training: Educational Alliance Program

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The Educational Alliance Program

For years, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has been a leader in promoting the link between nutrition and disease and how to put good dietary practices into action to help saves lives. In our commitment to further this effort, PCRM formed the Educational Alliance Program (EAP) to empower institutions around the world to fight cancer and diabetes in their communities through good nutrition.

PCRM’s EAP provides organizations with support to deliver our award-winning FFL curricula and our message of the value of a healthful diet for disease prevention. Eligible venues include:

  • Companies interested in offering ongoing nutrition-focused, employee wellness programs for staff
  • Educational institutions (middle and high schools, community colleges, and colleges and universities)
  • Health, wellness, and fitness centers
  • Medical centers and hospitals
  • Culinary schools and groups
  • Organizations focused on raising awareness for cancer and diabetes
  • Faith groups with a demonstrated commitment to health

The EAP is the perfect way for an institution with a health or wellness interest, existing customers, and a place of business from where it operates to become a community leader in the area of nutrition education and disease prevention.

Please read on and apply for the Educational Alliance Program partner position on this page if you are:

  • An owner of an organization/business that will add the program to its existing health, wellness, or nutrition offerings
  • A representative of your employer or affiliated with an organization for whom you will be teaching the program or will be training a teacher of the program
  • An institution with a place of business from where you will teach the FFL classes

Promote a Healthier Workplace

Consider sending a representative from your institution to attend our Food for Life Nutrition and Cooking Class certification training and take advantage of what this program has to offer!

In a public health climate where heart disease and cancer collectively cause 49 percent of all deaths within the U.S. population, more concern needs to be given to eating healthfully and staying active—especially around a busy work schedule. Our Food for Life classes are versatile and can be delivered during employee lunches.

Our approach is ideal because it provides individuals with the knowledge and the practical skills needed to fully embrace a new, healthy way of living. Offer your staff a benefit that is proven to enhance all areas of their life while producing phenomenal results in the workplace.

  • Reduce absenteeism and subsequently, health care costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve overall employee morale and retention
  • Save money and enhance your organization’s image

Best of all, the Food for Life program allows you to keep employee wellness education costs low in comparison to other programs.

EAP Requirements

Partners must:

  • Be an institution or group, no individual freelancers looking to teach for the community at large
  • Have a meeting space at the institutions place of business from where the classes will be held
  • Have designated instructor(s)
  • Complete an Educational Alliance Program partnership application
  • Sign a partnership agreement (upon application approval)
  • Pay the annual membership fee of $49

EAP Fees


Food for Life Program training fee


Additional Team Member*

(persons will be added to waitlist and invited should space become available)


* Additional team member fee includes a space at the training and complimentary breakfasts and lunches (except where noted on the agenda). An additional set of training materials not included.


$249 (with continuing education credits)


EAP Benefits

To learn about the benefits of being an EAP partner, click here.


Application Requirements


Educational Alliance Program partner applicants must:

Application Review Process

Applicants will be notified of their acceptance via e-mail. Top candidates will participate in a phone interview conducted by the Food for Life program team. Accepted applicants will be invited to attend the three-day training. The accepted applicant must then remit full payment for the Food for Life training within six weeks of receipt of the program acceptance notification.

How to Reapply

To reapply to be an Educational Alliance Program partner, you must complete a new application and resubmit a resume. Download, complete, and submit the application along with your résumé.

Contact Us

If you have questions about the position, read FAQs about the position here.

If you have additional questions that cannot be answered by the FAQs, contact the Food for Life program team:

Dawnyel Pryor

Educational Programs and Marketing Director