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Food for Life Training: Apply

Please read on and apply to become an instructor if you are:

  • Not affiliated with an organization or institution (i.e., independent)

  • Intending to teach at several venues in your community

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Instructor Requirements

Ideal applicants have:

  • Passion for promoting plant-based nutrition for general good health, as well as cancer, diabetes, and/or obesity prevention and treatment
  • Superb oral presentation skills
  • Personal adherence to a plant-based, meat-free, and dairy-free diet (required)
  • Strong cooking and food preparation
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong business/entrepreneurial skills
  • Knowledge of plant-based nutrition and/or experience delivering nutrition recommendations preferred, but not required
  • Willingness and ability to market the Food for Life classes in your community, secure venues/audiences, and handle various administrative details such as registration and coordination with the Food for Life team
  • A means of transportation for food shopping
  • An e-mail address and access to the Internet
  • The time and financial means to attend a three-day training in Washington, D.C. (see training fees)

Food for Life Program Instructor Training Fee: $849


Instructor Benefits

To learn about the benefits of being an instructor, click here.


To apply, review the requirements above and if you meet these requirements, download, complete, and submit the following:

  • Food for Life Instructor Application (PDF)
  • A résumé with references
  • A short video (three to five minutes) of yourself doing a cooking demonstration. The video can be homemade and can be a staged cooking class attended by family and friends. The video must be submitted via YouTube or website link and must be submitted with your completed application. No CDs, DVDs, or video cassette tapes accepted.

Application Submission Options
E-mail a scanned version of your application, résumé, and a link to a YouTube video or website video posting to

Fax your application materials to 202-527-7401.

Postal mail your application to:
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Attn: Food for Life Program (FFL Training)
5100 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., Ste. 400
Washington, DC 20016

Application Review Process

Top candidates will participate in a phone interview conducted by the Food for Life program team. Applicants accepted to the program will receive notification via e-mail. The accepted applicant must then remit full payment for the Food for Life New Instructor Training within six weeks of receipt of the program acceptance notification.

How to Reapply

To reapply to be a Food for Life cooking instructor, you must complete a new application and resubmit a video. Please review the requirements above and if you still meet these requirements, download, complete, and submit the application along with your résumé and video.

Contact Us

If you have questions about the position, read FAQs about the position here.

If you have additional questions that cannot be answered by the FAQs, contact the Food for Life program team:

Dawnyel Pryor

Educational Programs and Marketing Director



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