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Food for Life Training: Agenda Topic Descriptions

Translating Nutrition Research into Community Education:
A Workshop for Implementing Diet-Related Chronic Disease Curricula

Welcome, Introductions, Strategy, and Overview of PCRM and the Food for Life Program
Learn about PCRM’s mission and its programs, publications, and initiatives to achieve its goals including the award-winning Food for Life nutrition and cooking class program. Since its inception in 2001, the Food for Life program continues to grow with 85 instructors in 150 cities and partners in more than 10 different nations. Together, PCRM is able to deliver the message of plant-based nutrition for disease prevention all over the world.

Best Practices for Running the Food for Life Program in Your Community

Discover how to operate as an independent Food for Life instructor following the best practices of a current, successful Food for Life instructor. Hear pointers on the keys to successfully teaching the Food for Life program including how to approach venues to host classes and how to attract class participants.

Plant-Based Nutrition for Chronic Disease Prevention and Survival Myths and Facts

Learn about common nutrition myths related and the role of plant-based nutrition plays in fighting many common chronic diseases. Take advantage of the opportunity to have your nutrition questions answered by Dr. Neal Barnard.

Program Guidelines, Agreements, and Q-and-A

Review guidelines of the Food for Life program with PCRM staff including required steps needed to maintain an active, rewarding relationship with the program.

Live Food for Life Class

Experience a Food for Life: The Power of Food for Cancer class from the perspective of a class attendee as it is presented by an accomplished Food for Life instructor. The live nutrition and cooking class will include a presentation of practical cooking skills and tips, a multimedia nutrition lecture, an interactive quiz, live cooking demonstrations of healthful recipes, and a tasting of delicious food samples.

Building Healthful Plant-Based Meal Plans

Obtain information on key nutrients of concern for a healthful diet, tips on using the Power Plate as an educational tool in your classes, and discover resources from PCRM that make meal planning simple.

Applying the Food for Life Curriculum into Practice: Technical Aspects of Cooking Demonstration Operations

Gain critical knowledge of the technical aspects of the cooking operations for Food for Life classes. Hear tips on packing and storing food and equipment, reducing your class recipe demonstration grocery budget, safely preparing and storing food, and efficiently preparing and presenting the food for the cooking classes.

Nutrition and Cancer FAQs and Class Best Practices

Learn about the latest research related to nutrition and cancer and how to incorporate this information into your classes. The presentation includes a Q-and-A session with one of PCRM’s staff dietitians.

Nutrition and Diabetes FAQs and Introduction to Food for Life Diabetes

Learn about the latest research related to nutrition and diabetes and participate in a Q-and-A session with PCRM’s director of diabetes education and care. This presentation will provide an overview of the Food for Life: The Power of Foods for Diabetes curricula.

Nutrition and Diabetes Practical Applications for Food for Life Diabetes

Take the information you’ve learned from the previous presentation and learn how to best integrate it into your classes. Identify the logistical aspects of conducting the program in your community including efficiently preparing food, traveling, and staying organized.

Sales and Marketing Orientation: Finding Venue and Community Allies and Filling Seats

Identify the marketing tools you will need to effectively promote the Food for Life program to your community. PCRM’s director of educational programs and marketing will walk instructor trainees through the steps, tools and techniques for successfully carry out the program including, finding class venues, filling seats, and building relationships with networks within your community

Media Training

Obtain the skills needed to effectively communicate the mission of the Food for Life program and nutrition information to the press and greater public. Instructor trainees actively participate in media interview exercises and are given constructive feedback helpful to hone their on camera verbal skills.

Nutrition and Kids FAQs and Introduction to Food for Life Kids

Learn about the latest research related to children’s nutrition and participate in a Q-and-A session with one of PCRM’s staff dietitians. Receive an overview of the Food for Life: The Power of Food for Kids program including best practices for presenting nutrition information to children and their parents.

Cooking Demonstrations

Perform a live nutrition and cooking demonstration using all of what was learned throughout the three-day training. Obtain constructive feedback from PCRM Food for Life program staff, an experienced Food for Life instructor, and fellow instructor trainees to implement effective program presentations in your community.

Closing: Final Q-and-A, Training Evaluation, Collect Forms

Engage in a Q-and-A session with PCRM Food for Life program staff about any remaining questions. Complete a training evaluation for submission. Nurses and dietitians will receive continuing education credit hours for the training.

Vitamix Demonstration

Learn about PCRM Food for Life program sponsor, Vitamix, and its product’s many functions. Tips will be offered on how the Vitamix can make the cooking component of the class more effective. This presentation includes food samples.

Saladmaster Demonstration

Familiarize yourself with PCRM Food for Life program sponsor, Saladmaster, and the benefits of its cooking system. Get tips on using the cookware with class recipes and learn about the Saladmaster incentive program. This presentation includes food samples.


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