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State of California Office of Legislative Counsel: Taught by Linda Middlesworth
“I completed a wellness survey in June 2013. The number one requested class was Linda Middlesworth’s presentation of “Food for Life.” Linda rated outstanding in all areas and the class participants all raved about what a great speaker Linda was and how delicious her recipes were. We are excited to have Linda come back as soon as possible.” - Steve Abrams, State of California Office of Legislative Counsel, Wellness, Safety, Recruitment, Parking

Marine Engine: Taught by Beth Perera
“Our company had Beth Perera lead us in a 9-week Wellness Program, and it was great! Each week, we saw a video about food, diet and health, with a brief quiz, and then we ate a healthy, plant-based meal prepared by Beth. We've learned a lot about food, and how to buy and cook vegan, which none of us really knew about beforehand. The program has led to interesting discussions among us, along with changes in eating, exercise, and weight-loss. Beth is enthusiastic, well-informed and inspiring - there are so many benefits to eating this way, and we have thoroughly enjoyed the education. Every company, group and school should have this information and program!” - Andrew and Bethany Menkart, Owners of Marine Engine

LMI Government Consulting: Taught by Kara Blank-Gonzalez
“When we hired Kara to come into our place of business and help us make more educated diet changes, we were sure that people wouldn't be receptive or willing. However, with Kara's engaging and positive attitude, as well as, her impressive expertise in adopting a plant-based lifestyle, she quickly got people excited about adopting a healthier lifestyle. It was a huge challenge, but Kara did an amazing job. I highly recommend her to help anyone overcome dietary or lifestyle changes!” - Courtney Boyce, Marketing, Communications, and Public Relations Specialist

“Kara is charismatic, engaging and extremely knowledgeable about how to achieve optimum nutrition with a whole foods, plant-based approach. LMI ran a class for 30 participants and everyone rated Kara as a top-notch instructor. Many class participants have made major lifestyle changes and have healthy results to show for their adherence to the whole foods, plant-based approach taught by PCRM. Kara is a very personable and highly effective teacher of PCRM's approach.” - Kathleen Myers, Graphic Design




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