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Spring 2014
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Breaking Medical News: Animal Protein Linked to Early Death

Animal Protein Linked to Early DeathEating a diet high in animal protein leads to an earlier death, compared with people who consume less, according to a new study analyzing data from 6,381 American adults aged 50 and older.  Learn More >

Celebrate Earth Day All Month

Celebrate Earth Day All MonthEarth Day is April 22.Why not celebrate our planet the entire month by making changes that are more sustainable and Earth-friendly? It’s much easier than you may think to make simple changes that have a big impact. Learn how >

Easter and Passover Menus

Easter and Passover MenusAre you unsure what to make for Easter or Passover this year? Traditional holiday meals are packed with saturated fat and cholesterol and will leave you feeling tired — unable to mingle and spend time with family members. Holiday menus >

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games: Fueled by Plants

US Olympic Swimmer Kate ZieglerThe 2014 Winter Olympics featured amazing athletes from every corner of the Earth. Russia was the leader in the total number of medals won by a single country — totaling 33 — but the U.S. wasn’t far behind with 28 medals overall. Considering the amount of energy that these extraordinary individuals exert, some wonder what foods they eat to sustain their high levels of athleticism. For Olympians such as Meagan Duhamel, Alexey Voyevoda, Hannah Teter, and Bode Miller, their plates are loaded with plant foods to power them through their grueling training and competitions! Vegan athletes >

Employee Wellness at Your Workplace

Employee Wellness at Your WorkplaceAre you interested in promoting wellness at your office, but you’re not sure where to start? Click here to learn how to boost the health in your workplace! Learn how >