FFL Employee Wellness Program Quarterly: Autumn 2013

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FFL Employee Wellness Program

Autumn 2013
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Low-Saturated-Fat Diet Improves Insulin Function

Exercise as Effective as Drugs in Disease Treatment

Stress Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease

Omega-3 Not Linked to Cognitive Improvement

Low-Fat, Plant-Based Diet May Slow Aging

Western Diets Bring Alzheimer’s to Developing Countries

Cutting Out Meat Boosts Heart Attack Victims’ Chances for Survival

High-Glycemic-Index Foods Turn on Brain Regions Linked to Overeating


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer awareness monthBreast cancer researchers have been exploring how and why different food choices can help prevent breast cancer and improve survival rates if it is diagnosed. Learn how >


Workplace Ergonomics

Workplace ErgonomicsAfter hours sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen, employees often leave their offices feeling sore and tight. This checklist will help you keep your body aligned and strong.
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Health Literacy: Improving Overall Wellness

Health Literacy: Improving Overall WellnessUnderstanding the health care system can be overwhelming for anyone, including the 80 million Americans who have basic literacy issues. But Health Literacy Month aims to give everyone the ability to understand and make good decisions about their well-being. Read more >

Eating Well in the Holiday Season

Eating Well in the Holiday SeasonHere are some tips to make sure you keep your health on track during this holiday season. Tips >



Holiday Recipes

Holiday Vegan RecipesIt’s quickly becoming the holiday season filled with parties and food. This year, try our healthful, holiday-inspired dishes that are sure to impress! Get recipes >



No Meat, No Problem!

No Meat, No Problem! SeitanThe popularity of meat alternatives is growing: A new survey found that 51 percent of consumers believe meat alternatives are healthier than real meat, 31 percent are trying to reduce meat consumption, and 31 percent say they enjoy the taste of meat alternatives. Numerous options can be found at most grocery stores. Learn more >