Personal Story: Tracy Krulik, Fighting Cancer One Vegetable at a Time

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Personal Story: Tracy Krulik, Fighting Cancer One Vegetable at a Time

After nine years of debilitating illness, a doctor finally figured out that a tumor on my pancreas had been the cause all along. If the tumor had been removed before it metastasized, I would have been cured, but unsurprisingly during those nine years, the cancer spread to my liver and chest. And thus, the word "cure" was taken off the table.

In 2007, I underwent surgery to remove the primary tumor, half of my pancreas, and my spleen, but the metastases were there to stay. We thought I would need to undergo radiation or chemotherapy after I recovered from surgery to slow down the disease, but the tumors began shrinking on their own.

It's almost four years since my diagnosis, and I'm still not on any medication. Despite the fact that I have tumors within me, I have never felt healthier or stronger.

Out of love for animals, I became a vegetarian in 2005, and we suspect that my plant-based diet combined with regular exercise has put my body in balance so that my immune system could combat the disease on its own.

One doctor told me to not change a thing that I'm doing, because whatever it is, it's working. Eat delicious plant-based meals and ride my bike rather than undergo surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation? Works for me!