Personal Story: Henry Stein, Recovering from Prostate Cancer by Changing Your Diet

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Personal Story: Henry Stein, Recovering from Prostate Cancer by Changing Your Diet

I was a typical 64-year-old man who ate the Standard American Diet (SAD), and I didn't think I was particularly at risk for prostate cancer, even though my father had died from it. During a routine checkup, my urologist suggested a biopsy and it was determined that I had prostate cancer and a Gleason Score (a grading system that measures prostate cancer severity) of 8, a number that indicated the cancer was "fast-growing." My urologist explained all the treatment options, which included surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and chemical castration drugs. The side effects of radiation pellets were incontinence, bowel damage, and the possibility that the radiation could cause new cancer. Needless to say, these side effects of the treatment sounded worse than the disease! So did the fact that arthroscopic surgery (a new technique using robotic instruments) could be fatal due to a fat embolism or other complication. I decided that there had to be other choices. After all, I was only 64 and planned to live into my 100s to see my grandchildren's children! The standard amount of time to live was only was five years past treatment.

With the help of my loving wife, I began to research alternative cancer treatments. I started on the internet and poured over all the material I could get my hands on. No matter what your diagnosis or status, you have to start with research. Don't let anyone do it for you, as this is a journey, not a destination. The amount and quality of alternative cancer cure information available is truly staggering!

I found several common threads in all the sites I examined. All advice pointed to a change in diet: the elimination of meat and dairy products, the addition of whole, raw, and organic foods, and the switch to an alkaline stomach environment, which is created by eating mostly fruits and vegetables. When they say, "change your lifestyle" and "change your diet," they really mean "CHANGE!" Like in obliterate all previously held beliefs, food choices, desires, and favorite fast foods.

After 64 years of being a meat-eater, I gave up the SAD to become a vegan and started doing yoga, something I never envisioned my body could achieve.

After only a few months of my new vegan diet, my PSA score was down to 4.7. A few more months on my new diet and lifestyle and my score went down further to 4.0, which is considered a number within the "normal" range. Not only that, my cholesterol was down 18 points! The doctors are still on alert, but I am on my way to recovery without ever having to suffer the unbearable side effects that result from surgery, chemo, or radiation.

The future is indeterminate for us all; but for me, it's looking pretty good right now. Visit his website at