Personal Story: Gretchen Makinson, Food for Life Changed My Life

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Personal Story: Gretchen Makinson, Food for Life Changed My Life

After completing chemotherapy and radiation treatment for breast cancer last year, I was looking for something I could do to prevent it from coming back. The Food for Life: Cancer Project classes have given me the tools to do that.

The class not only covered the “what” to do, but the “why” behind it. The videos with Dr. Neal Barnard that explained the body processes connected with food and cancer in simple terms were very thought provoking.

I loved the cooking demonstrations! I have to admit I was skeptical about some of the foods. I had never tasted them, and they sounded kind of strange, but they were actually quite tasty! I usually shop at the mainstream grocery stores, but since I have taken this class, I have ventured out to some new grocery and health food stores to buy some of the products that were demonstrated in the class.

Our instructor, Nancy Lyons, "walked the walk" with living the vegetarian life and made it sound easy to cook and eat that way. I'm not sure I am ready to go totally vegetarian, but I am moving in that direction. I now eat meat only a few times a week and it takes up a much smaller part of my plate next to all those vegetables, grains, and beans!

I think this is a very worthwhile class to our community and I hope that it can be continued to be offered.