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Nutrition and Cooking Class Testimonials

The reviews are in! Below is feedback from people who participated in Food for Life classes on nutrition and cooking for cancer prevention and survival.


“Like our instructor Kathy said, “we are all on a journey.” I have been overweight my entire life, and diabetic for 13 years. I thought this would be the hardest diet to ever follow, and turned out it was the easiest. I have lost weight, my blood sugar is normal, and I sleep better and have more energy. The more I learn the less desire I have for meat or dairy. Your health is too important to eat unhealthful—and the food is great! My taste buds have come alive!” –B. Paskiet, Cape Coral, Fla., 1/21/2014

“I learned so much from this class and the Kickstart book. I’ve always thought a plant-based diet would be a restrictive, rather boring, unsatisfying way to eat. I’ve been told by dozens of “diet specialists” that I should never eat rice, pasta, beans, bread—all those “fattening” foods! Imagine my surprise when I LOST 7 pounds in 3 weeks while eating delicious, filling, interesting meals!!” –L. Solway, San Diego, Cali., 2/20/2014

“I gained 35 pounds the first winter after my Mom passed away. I felt horrible and spent a year trying to get the weight off. Nothing worked and I became even more depressed and an emotional eater. This class opened my eyes about what I was doing to my body. I feel like I am in control of food now, instead of it controlling me.” C. Shackelford, Anchorage, Alas., 4/23/2014


“I lost 12 pounds in just five weeks by eating lots of legumes, fruits, vegetables, and grains. I did not starve; I am constantly eating and I am still losing more weight. I feel so much more energized and have no pain, not even menstrual cramps!!! I am so glad I took this class with Kathy.”—R. Burgos, Lancaster, Calif., 10/29/13

“I have been working on diet changes for several years one step at a time. Learning more about health and making changes takes time. Your class is another step in un-learning what I am used to cooking and eating.”—K. Stanley, Grand Junction, Colo., 10/27/13

“My instructor was knowledgeable and fun. I eat better, read more labels, and understand what I am reading. My lifestyle has changed and I am quick to tell others about the positive effects of eating the right kinds of food on our overall health.”—S. Barosy, Fort Worth, Texas, —8/29/13

“I enjoyed this class and love how I feel since changing my diet. I cannot tell you how happy I am. This class was a game changer for me.”—S. Clark, Peabody, Mass., 5/23/13

“The food was excellent. Never though you could sauté onion without oil. The facts I now know about eating a plant-based diet have changed the way I shop and cook for my family.”—J. Samuelman, Peabody, Mass., 5/23/13

“I learned a lot about nutrition even though I have a Masters of Public Health and have been in the health care field for 40-plus years!” —K. Niepelski, Waterbury, Conn., 5/10/13

“I’ve been ‘feeling’ my way toward a plant-based living for a couple of years. This class was just what I needed to take the ‘action step.’ I feel my life is being transformed- It’s exciting and scary. I’m in it for the long haul!”
—C. Hensley, Anchorage, Ark., 6/20/13

“This was absolutely the best thing I’ve done for myself. Finding out about this treasure was my lucky day. The entire format was so great, all the informative DVD’s, all the testimonials, the fabulous food, and getting to try all of the recipes.”
—A. Hoffman, Marblehead, Mass., 7/11/13

“Wonderfully informative – so nice for young children to learn about eating healthy, and how to decrease risk of cancer.”
—J. Steale, Fort Collins, Colo., 7/12/2013


"This class has changed my life and will help my mastectomy clients immensely."
—Marion K., Cookware Health Clubb, Mississauga, Ontario, 1/31/12

"This is an excellent opportunity to change one’s life for the better. Superior nutrition is a very powerful way to influence one’s future health and longevity."
—Sandra A., Cooking for Wellness, Eureka, Calif., 3/31/12

"The instructor made the class very real and informative. I thought eating healthy would be a lot of work and that it would be hard to transform my diet. Now I am convinced cooking what is not healthy is more complex than what is healthy."
—Christine M., Methodist Richardson, Garland, Texas, 7/30/12

"I don’t feel as full and heavy as before and my digestion is way better. My weight is dropping plus my blood sugars are better."
—Rebecca B., Diabetes and Nutrition Support Services, Monterey, Calif., 8/30/12

"I feel good and I never expected to be feeling so full after meals. I am so amazed at how much my cholesterol and A1C has improved."
—Sabrina H., Diabetes and Nutrition Support Services, Salinas, Calif., 8/30/12

"My husband is taking the class. Our 7-year-old boy is now vegan. Of every class I have ever taken—including my double major classes in college—this has been the most life-changing. I lost 16 pounds during the class.”
—Carolyn K. Robinson, Providence Family Medicine Center, Anchorage, Alaska, 9/18/12

"I ate meat with every meal. I was severely overweight and had headaches and did not have energy. I feel great now. I have lost about 20 pounds and I am losing more each week. I have started running with my excess of energy. I will run my first half marathon this year. I attribute all to my diet.”
—Peter J. Garcia, Pearson, San Antonio, Texas, 9/17/12

"I was able to get my blood sugar down between 100 and150 daily. Before this class, it was between 250 and 350. I also lost 15 pounds over a period of one month. I feel much better and plan on staying with this lifestyle change."
—Darren G., Center for Independent Living, Naples, Fla., 9/25/12

"When my 13-year-old son was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer (histiocytic sarcoma), I felt helpless, lots of waiting, watching and praying. This empowered me to make life-changing adjustments to our eating habits and be proactive in my son’s survival of his cancer. Thank you for offering this class and empowering families while offering hope."
—Linda M., Old Mission Bakery, Traverse City, Mich., 10/22/12


"After 5 weeks on the program, my husband and I have both lost 10 lbs. My blood sugar has dropped 30 points. My Dr. says I may get off all meds at the next visit. I am a breast cancer survivor and my husband has heart disease so this is a must for us!"
—Annie H., Roanoke Recreation Center, Texas, 2/2/11

"Lost 10 lbs so far in 6 week class. I am now off my blood pressure meds - feeling sooo much better, sleep better at night with my CPAP, have much more energy and feel so alert now and don't need naps! Thank you."
—Sue G., Yuma Central Seventh-day Adventist Church, Arizona, 2/10/11

"Extremely educational and inspirational. [The instructor] is a dynamic teacher. All food excellent. Was able to try foods never would have tried. Ready to change food habits for life. Have always known this was the way to go but afraid to dive in."
—Lana C., First Baptist Church Justin, Texas, 3/9/11

"[The instructor] is amazing! Her enthusiasm and knowledge made the class one of the best classes I've sat in. The food was delicious! I know the changes I've made will be permanent. I've lost weight, gained energy, and feel the best I've felt in years!"
—Leah M., Southlake Library, Texas, 3/10/11

"This class was instrumental in making changes to improve my life and my family's lives. We learned everything we needed to know to embrace a lowfat vegan diet. The research that was shared was eye-opening and has inspired a change that will last a lifetime."
—Melanie B., Southlake Library, Texas, 3/10/11

"Living on a plant based diet has definitely made me feel a lot better. I feel a lot lighter, have more energy and have lowered my cholesterol and blood pressure levels. I have also been sleeping a lot better."
—Rebecca B., Southlake Library, Texas, 4/6/11

"This class was like an answer to a prayer. I spend my life cooking for and feeding the people I love. Now I feed them healthy food, quick to prepare and delicious. I feel great about how I feed myself and them. Thank you so much!"
—Shelley M., Lee Memorial Health System, Florida, 3/24/11


“This class has made a huge difference in my overall well-being. I've lost 18 pounds in seven weeks. I feel better, sleep better, and am in an overall better mood. Even my skin and hair have improved.”
—Tiffany M. at Providence Cancer Center in Anchorage, Alaska, 4/15/10

"I will definitely incorporate what I learned into my daily routine. Cancer runs in my family, I had always felt destined to lose more family members to it. This program gives me hope."
—Roxana A. at AltaMed in Los Angeles, Calif., 3/22/10

“This Cancer Project class offered a wealth of information on how the foods we eat interact within the body to nourish and detoxify. The cooking class is wonderful, watching the preparation with the pleasure of enjoying a meal together while making new relationships.”
—Karen G. at St. Armand's Key Lutheran Church in Sarasota, Fla., 2/11/10

"I enjoyed every part of this class. I am a breast cancer survivor and this program has really given me hope for my ongoing survival from this disease."
—Kathy K. at Tri-Cities Cancer Center in Kennewick, Wash., 4/22/10

"The class was well planned, well timed, very informative, had appealing food, and was well attended. I hope these classes are more and more available to the public!"
—Linda K. at Sharon Hospital in Sharon, Conn., 3/23/10

"Everyone who is concerned about nutrition will benefit from this class - and enjoy it. For those of us challenged to survive cancer, it is a great inspiration!"
—Brian C. at St. Vincent's Medical Center in Bridgeport, Conn., 6/9/10

"This has been a valuable experience to me. I look forward to taking another class. My husband is healthier, my children are happier, and I am thinner (yeah!)."
—Karlie P. at Dayspring Enrichment Center in Wasilla, Alaska, 4/15/10


"Excellent! I enjoyed meeting other women and realized how much control I can have in preventing reoccurrence."

-Anonymous, Dayton, Ohio, 10/20/09

"Thanks! Love this class...My husband even likes the food and he is the king of junk food."

-Suzanne Puckett, Watauga, Texas, 10/15/09

"This class was great encouragement and accountability while trying to make healthy changes. I've lost 15 pounds over the past 7 weeks."

– Deb Vining, Yuma, Ariz., 9/15/09

“This program needs to be in every doctor’s office. This is what students should learn in medical school!”

-Kimberly LeBoeuf, Hyannis, Mass., 6/27/09

“Actually tasting the recommended foods was very valuable as I probably wouldn’t have tried many of them otherwise. I feel much more hopeful about the chance that my cancer will not return. Thank you for all of the information.”

–Wilma Castriota, Pittsburg, Pa., 3/11/09


“Since I was diagnosed with cancer, I have sought advice from doctors about how to keep myself cancer free. My doctors said very little about how to improve my diet for cancer prevention. Finally, I feel I have an important, tested plan for a healthier diet to keep me cancer free. Thank you!”

-Mary Kay Jefferson, Westlake, Ohio, 12/08

“I have never been to a class this exciting and inspirational!”

– Anonymous, South Portland, Maine, 11/08

“Excellent class!  I came every night despite having worked all day and not feeling especially well because of chemo.” 

-Donna K. Moody, Anchorage, Alaska, 10/08

 “I have been on the plant-based diet for only a month and am feeling so much better. I have more energy, have lost nine pounds, and have no desire for meats or dairy products. What you said in class is really true, "You can change your desire for unhealthy foods in three weeks." Your class was revolutionary for me and my family. Thank you for sharing this lifesaving nutritional information and new way of cooking.”

 - Dorothy Graham, Cape Coral, Fla., 8/08


“As a cancer survivor, I was looking for ways to improve my overall nutrition.  This class was a dream come true.  By following the recommended diet suggestions I have found that my health and energy have improved immensely.  Thanks!”
- David A. Steil, San Mateo, Calif., 3/1/07

“I hope to pass on the information and skills that I learned to others—Being a physician and a cancer survivor, I fortunately have the opportunity to do this and I intend to start right away.”
- Kate Thomson, M.D., Princeton, N.J.,  2/26/07

“This class was fantastic!  Every single week I learned something new that was easy enough to incorporate into my daily life and tasty enough that I wanted to do it.  Thank you for the education and great recipes.  I can’t wait for the next time this class is given!”
- Russ Ginsberg, Princeton, N.J.,  2/26/07

“I have always enjoyed cooking but this course has opened up a whole new way of food preparation that is based on scientific research as well as wholesome healthy ingredients to improve wellness and reduce cancer risk.”
- Barbara Krutzel, East Brunswick, N.J., 2/25/07


“I have lost 15 pounds since the start of the class!”
- Jere J. Hinkle, Grass Lake, Mich.,  12/11/06

“I was so grateful for the opportunity to be shown and taste the new ways of cooking that will assist our family in our earlier decision to adopt a [new] lifestyle to fight my husband’s prostate cancer.  The book is concise and informative, and the DVD’s segments complement the chapters very well.  My family has been very enthusiastic about our new meals!”
- Sara A. Williams, Canton, Mich.,  12/11/06

“I have begun using what I’ve learned in class over the eight weeks.  I’ve lost 10 pounds and my blood sugar has lowered by 10 points.  Thanks so much for showing me a way to eat that I can carry on myself.”
- Anonymous, Ann Arbor, Mich.,  12/11/06

“As a physician, I often recommend diet changes to improve the health of my patients.  This class is informative and fun, and most of all, demonstrates practical and tasty ways to make our diets healthier.  I also appreciate the scientific data that support what’s being taught.  This class has impacted both my personal and professional life.”
- C. Lim, San Diego,  11/13/06

“This class has changed my life in a profound way—revolutionized my ideas about nutrition, reduced my waistline, and cut my food budget by 25 percent.  It doesn’t get much better than that!”
- Anna Von Reitz, Big Lake, Alaska,  10/31/06