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Kara Blank-Gonzalez

Kara Blank-Gonzalez was inspired to go veg a few years ago to feel strong, healthy, and be able to keep up with her kids. She had always loved to cook, and after exploring vegan cookbooks, blogs, and taking vegan cooking classes, she realized how deliciously satisfying a plant-based diet could be. Kara spent her first career as an ESL teacher and administrator, and she brings a love of teaching to her cooking classes. She has worked with both children and adults, in English and Spanish, and loves getting her students excited and involved in their own learning.

Kara practices yoga and loves spending time in the great outdoors, cooking with family and friends, and enjoying a rich, full life.

Serving cities and surrounding areas of

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA | Washington metro area
MARYLAND | Montgomery County area
VIRGINIA | Northern Virginia metro area

Scheduled Classes

December 19, 2017 - December 19, 2017