Lawrence H. Kushi, Sc.D.

The Physicians Committee

Nutrition and Cancer Web Seminars

The Evolution of Epidemiologic Knowledge on Food, Nutrition and Cancer

Originally Presented On: Saturday, July 28, 2006

Event:  The Cancer Project’s 2007 Cancer & Nutrition Symposium in Bethesda, Md.

Speaker: Lawrence H. Kushi, Sc.D.
Associate Director for Etiology and Prevention Research, Division of Research, Kaiser Permanente.

Synopsis: In the past two and a half decades, there has been an exponential growth in research related to our understanding of how foods impact cancer. The insights gained from epidemiologic studies have helped inform recommendations on diet and health generally, and cancer specifically. This talk will provide an overview of this research, current gaps, and suggestions for decreasing cancer risk and improving cancer prognosis.

Intended Audience: Internists, oncologists, registered dieticians, registered nurses, and cancer researchers.

Objectives: Upon completion of this Web Seminar, participants should be able to:

  • Gain insight into how epidemiologic studies have specifically affected diet recommendations for cancer prevention
  • Understand the gaps in the research surrounding nutrition and cancer prevention and survival
  • Discover possible dietary strategies for decreasing cancer risk and improving cancer prognosis

CMEs: Not available for this event.

Lawrence H. Kushi, Sc.D.Speaker Bio: Lawrence H. Kushi, Sc.D., is the Associate Director for Etiology and Prevention Research, Division of Research, Kaiser Permanente.  His research interests have focused on the role of food and nutrition in the development and prevention of coronary artery disease and breast and other cancers, and he is currently the Principal Investigator of two NIH-funded prospective cohort studies.  One of these is examining the role of genetic and environmental factors in the development of early puberty in a study population of over 440 girls.  The other is examining lifestyle and genetic factors in breast cancer prognosis, with the aim of enrolling and following the experience of several thousand women with breast cancer.

Dr. Kushi has served on various research review committees for organizations such as the National Institutes of Health, the Breast Cancer Research Program of the US Department of Defense, the American Cancer Society, and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  He has been a member of advisory committees that set research directions for the DOD’s Breast Cancer Research Program and the ACS’s extramural grants program.  Dr. Kushi serves on The Cancer Project’s advisory board. He has served on ACS committees to develop guidelines for the dietary prevention and management of cancer, and was chair of the 2006 committees that published their most recent statements on these topics.  He was Chair of the Food and Nutrition Section of the American Public Health Association, and an Executive Committee Member and Chair of the Diet Study Group of the American Society of Preventive Oncology.  Dr. Kushi was a member of the NIH Consensus Development Panel on Acupuncture, and is an external advisor to MD Anderson’s Program on Complementary and Integrative Medicine Education Resources.  He also serves on the external advisory committees of a number of prospective studies of diet and cancer, including the Adventist Health Study.  Dr. Kushi is a graduate of Amherst College and the Harvard School of Public Health, and has held research and faculty positions at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, the University of Washington, the University of Minnesota, and Columbia University, where he was the Ella McCollum Vahlteich Professor of Human of Nutrition and is currently an Adjunct Professor.