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Hazardous Hospital Foods

Hospitals' contracts with fast food harm patients' health.

Nutritional Education for Health Care Professionals

Most health care providers do not receive nutrition education in medical school nor in practice—a troubling fact considering the overwhelming evidence that dietary changes often surpass the most aggressive conventional treatments—even drugs and surgery—when it comes to preventing, treating, and reversing chronic disease.

Nutrition Promotion

Federal nutrition policies must have the strongest plant-based recommendations to improve healthful eating, and be based on scientific evidence and free from industry bias.

Factory Farms

Animal agriculture adversely impacts human health such as the overuse of antibiotics that leads to antibiotic resistance.

Nutrition in Schools

Schools play a critical role in developing and sustaining healthful eating habits for children and adolescents. Federal nutrition programs such as the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program must have the strongest plant-based recommendations to improve health outcomes for those who need it the most.