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dislocated jaw from sandwichMore Than He Could Chew
When Chad Ettmueller of Cumming, Ga., tried to eat a double-meat, double-cheese sandwich, loaded with five types of meat and three types of cheese, he ended up in the hospital with a dislocated jaw. Doctors were able to surgically treat him 14 hours later.

It’s All in the Delivery
Looking for a good vegan meal and don’t want to go out? ships more than 100 vegan items—soups, appetizers, main dishes, desserts—anywhere in the United States and Canada. 

University Animal Lab ViolationsUniversity Violations
The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported nine animal welfare violations after an inspection of the laboratories at the University of Utah. Violations included animals not receiving antibiotics or pain medications in a timely manner, a too-crowded guinea pig enclosure, and the death of a kitten who had been given too much dextrose. Punishments for animal welfare violations are notoriously light. In this case, the university received only warnings.

Chimpanzee Behavior
Chimpanzees grieve over death very much as humans do, according to new research papers published in the journal Current Biology. Researchers observed chimpanzees grooming and attending to a dying elderly female chimpanzee and remaining subdued for weeks after her death and mothers refusing to accept the death of their babies and holding the infants’ bodies for weeks, among other behaviors.

apple cider instead of milkAn Apple Cider a Day
The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted 230 to 74 to make apple cider—rather than milk—the official state beverage. The initiative was introduced at the urging of a fourth-grade class.

Experiments Suspended for Mistreatment of Animals
The University of Wisconsin-Madison has suspended Michele Basso, who studied Parkinson’s disease and other brain disorders, from working with animals for what officials call a clear pattern of problems with animal welfare. Problems cited included instances in which monkeys suffered fatal brain injuries.

LLufthansa Bars Animal Shipmentsufthansa Bars Animal Shipments
Lufthansa Airlines will no longer transport dogs and cats destined for laboratories. Customers were outraged after seeing photos of distressed beagles being shipped to a Charles River Laboratories facility in Scotland, where they were likely poisoned in drug and pesticide tests.

Go Green, Save Green
Air India employees in Delhi have offered to go vegetarian as part of the airline’s cost-cutting measures. The 700 to 1,100 employees served daily will skip the chicken that had been offered in the company café three times a week.  

A Healthy Holiday
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a resolution encouraging residents to observe meat-free Mondays. Citing the health and environmental benefits of vegetarian meals, the resolution urges restaurants, schools, and grocery stores to add more vegetarian options.


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