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Celebrating 25 Years (25 Good Things to Do Now)
PCRM turns 25 this year and the organization is expanding in size and scope like never before! The key to our success has always been the people behind the work—our physicians and scientists and the members who provide support for their efforts. Your involvement has opened doors, encouraged advancements, and provided us with invaluable guidance. To strengthen this partnership, we have put together a list of 25 things you can do to help us continue on the path to success. Here are the first five:

1.   Bring your physician a copy of Good Medicine and ask him/her to become a member.
2. Send your friends and family an e-mail encouraging them to sign up for PCRM’s free online community (
3.  Invite your Facebook friends to become fans of PCRM’s page (
4. Bring PCRM’s Vegetarian Starter Kits to your next community tabling event.
5. Make a donation to help ensure PCRM has the funds needed to take action for people and animals.

Thank you for your continued support! For the complete list, please visit

Creating a Compassionate Future
Most of us want to be sure that our work for a more compassionate world carries on well into the future. A simple bequest provision can make that happen. Investment accounts and tangible property, such as real estate and artwork, can be identified in a will and designated to benefit a particular person or organization. Many people are now creating wills at a younger age, and it’s never too early if you have assets to pass along. PCRM recommends working with an attorney specializing in wills. The cost for creating a basic will is very reasonable, and the resulting peace of mind is invaluable. Every five years, you should evaluate your will and make updates as needed.

Members who include PCRM in their wills are part of our special group of Lifetime Partners. To learn more about our Lifetime Partner program and about creating a will, visit

Remembering Rodney Society CalendarRemembering Rodney Society Calendar
This 13-month calendar is filled with beautiful images celebrating animals in their natural surroundings. It’s our 25th anniversary gift to all our monthly donors in the Remembering Rodney Society. Our special society members are invited to join an annual President’s Update Call, receive insider campaign reports, and help provide steady funding to keep all of PCRM’s programs and campaigns going strong. To receive your calendar, become a society member with a monthly gift of $5 or more by calling 202-527-6304 or visiting


Alec Baldwin Brings Star Power to Sag Harbor Fundraiser
On Aug. 7, Sag Harbor resident artist Dorothy Frankel generously opened her home and sculpture garden to host a PCRM benefit. Special guest Alec Baldwin joined PCRM president Neal Barnard, M.D., and PCRM director of public affairs Elizabeth Kucinich to speak about the organization’s work to promote a plant-based diet for good health and to end the use of animals in experiments. Guests were treated to an eyeful of mesmerizing art—all created by the party host—and vegan treats such as roasted vegetable skewers with miso vinaigrette dipping sauce and artichoke heart fritters with lemon zest and pine nuts. Ms. Frankel presented Mr. Baldwin with one of her bronze sculptures in recognition of his outstanding advocacy efforts on behalf of people and animals. 


Good Medicine: Pediatricians vs. Junk Food Giants

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