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PCRM and Wyntergrace Williams Help Students Get Healthy

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Wyntergrace Williams, daughter of television show host Montel Williams, has asked PCRM to help her spread the word about vegetarian diets. Wyntergrace is 14 years old, and three years ago, she changed to a vegetarian diet out of compassion for animals and for health concerns. She persuaded her mother to join her, and now she wants to make sure students across the country have access to healthful vegetarian foods.

Wyntergrace attends a middle school in Greenwich, Conn. She loves her school but noticed it needed more vegetarian options in the lunch line. Realizing that many other students were also looking for healthier cafeteria meals, she started a petition to get healthful foods in her school.

The petition said, “Whether we choose them out of compassion for animals, or because of concerns about health or the environment, we all benefit from having plant-based meals available. We want to work with our cafeteria to make these new healthful offerings a success.”

The school was not hard to convince. PCRM is now working with the food service managers to test and implement new vegan meal options.

Eager to help all students find healthier foods at school, Wyntergrace is now working with PCRM to create a national petition that students across the country can sign to gain support for more vegetarian options.

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Child Nutrition Act: Time for Reform

US CapitolFive days a week, most children get their meals from school food services. Too often, lunch lines serve foods that are higher in fat and cholesterol than they should be. Cash-strapped schools often find it hard to add more options. But PCRM hopes that will soon change: The Child Nutrition Act, which determines what foods are served in the National School Lunch Program, is up for reauthorization in 2009.

PCRM is working hard to ensure that the new Child Nutrition Act will increase access to low-fat, cholesterol-free vegetarian foods, provide for equal reimbursement for nondairy beverages as for cow’s milk, and include removal of processed meats from the list of commodities available to schools.

If you are a parent, teacher, student, or concerned citizen who wants to help get healthier foods in your local school, please call 202-686-2210, ext. 338, or visit

Good Medicine: The War on Animals

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