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More Americans Agree: Animal Testing Is Wrong
slaughterhouseMore than one-third of Americans disagree with testing on animals, according to Gallup’s 2007 Values and Beliefs Survey. Of the 1,003 people polled, 37 percent said medical testing on animals is morally wrong. Poll results also showed that young people are the least likely to approve of medical testing on animals.

Where’s the Beef? Out of Business.
Topps Meat Company has been forced out of business after having to recall more than 21 million pounds of ground beef products that may have been contaminated with the potentially fatal E. coli bacteria strain O157:H7 this past fall. This incident is the second-largest recall in U.S. history.

small carSmall Cars, Big Drivers
More and more overweight Americans exceed the maximum weight allowed for passengers and cargo for safety purposes by the government. Weight limits reflect a mandated federal formula that car manufacturers rate passengers at 150 pounds each, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention pegged average weights at 190 pounds for men and 163 pounds for women.

Fishy Recommendations
fish scaleWhen the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition set forth fish consumption recommendations for pregnant women that contradict limits set by federal agencies, health care professionals nationwide began asking questions. Turns out the coalition’s leadership took thousands of dollars from the fishing industry to promote the recommendation for pregnant women to eat at least 12 ounces of fish per week and did not share their recommendations with coalition members before releasing them to the public. Several coalition members, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, have disputed the coalition’s recommendations.

Go Veg to Save the Planet
Following a vegetarian diet can do a lot more than protect your health and save animals’ lives. Eating less meat might also help slow global warming, according to a recent study in The Lancet. Experts found that reducing global meat consumption by 10 percent would reduce the amount of methane gas produced by the animals, a major contributor to global warming.

Chronic Disease Blows Hole in America’s Wallet
Diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and other chronic diseases may cost America’s economy $6 trillion by 2050 unless steps are taken to prevent illness. More than 162 million cases of chronic disease cost more than $1 trillion in medical treatment and productivity losses in 2003, according to a recent report by the Milken Institute.

No Doughnut Jokes
When Sgt. Scott Cary of the Austin Police Department traded in his diet of fried chicken, pizza, and burgers for vegan cuisine, he dropped 10 pounds in one month and watched his cholesterol plummet. Now his mission is to whip the police force into shape with the Austin Police Department Running Team. As the department’s new peer-to-peer counselor coordinator and wellness sergeant, Cary will lead by example and encourage 1,400 officers and 600 civilian employees to exercise and eat right. 

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