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2007 Year in Review

New Online Resources

Logging On to Better Health

NutritionMDThis spring, PCRM launched, a comprehensive Web site that helps health care professionals and consumers understand the links between healthy eating and good health. The site offers hundreds of recipes, tips on weight management, and information on the risk factors, typical treatments, and nutritional considerations for dozens of medical conditions, from acne to Alzheimer’s disease. There’s also a meal planner that helps users select a healthful meal plan, along with nutrient analyses, recipes, and a shopping list.

Food for Life for Diabetes

Get Healthy ClubMore than 20 million Americans are living with type 2 diabetes, and many are looking for a healthy way to manage their condition. PCRM’s new diabetes Web site provides easy-to-understand nutrition information, healthy recipes, and a step-by-step guide for making diet changes. Visitors will find a video support group featuring presentations by PCRM president Neal Barnard, M.D., and cooking demonstrations from staff dietitians. PCRM nutrition experts also monitor the Get-Healthy Club, an online message board where people ask questions and share stories about using a low-fat vegan diet to manage their diabetes. Visit to take advantage of any of these free resources.

When Advertisements Are Badvertisements

badvertisementPCRM asked Web visitors to vote on the most deceptive TV advertisements on television, and the “badverstisement” results are in. The commercials were presented in three categories. In the first poll, Burger King’s “Eat Like a Man” anthem was voted the worst men’s health commercial, edging out ads by T.G.I. Friday’s and Hummer. A Fiber Choice commercial, which suggests that it is nearly impossible to get enough fiber without using supplements, was voted the most deceptive in the medications and supplements category. The final poll featured commercials using health and beauty claims to sell dairy products to women. The winner, with 37 percent of the vote, was a Nesquik ad that claims chocolate milk will help kids’ bodies by “building strong bones, one glass at a time.”

Pass the Virtual Scalpel

Digital FrogThanks to advances in technology, students can now learn vertebrate anatomy without harming animals, using the “digital scalpel” in a virtual dissection program called Digital Frog. PCRM has given away almost 4,000 copies of Digital Frog II to students, teachers, and parents who requested a copy through our Web site. Digital Frog II is an interactive CD-ROM that uses animation, video, narration, and still images to create a realistic—and harmless—dissection experience for students.



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