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Member Support: Partners in ChangeOne person with a vision for change and the motivation to work hard can definitely make a difference. However, when we harness the power of numbers and work together, we are so much more effective, our voices are so much more powerful, and the changes are faster and greater in scope. You can see in the preceding pages what an impact you—a PCRM member—have had in the lives of so many people and animals over the past year by having joined others who want to see the same change in the world.

PCRM’s physicians and scientists are constantly breaking new ground in the areas of research and education. Your support—your advocacy, participation in our programs, and your financial support—is making those breakthroughs possible. For more than 20 years, PCRM has worked to promote good medicine and ethical research.

As our membership grows, we are able to increase our influence and realize greater change. After you have read through our “Year in Review,” please take a moment to think ahead to the coming year and beyond. We invite you to expand your membership role and help us push our programs and campaigns forward with all the gusto you can muster. Get more involved with our campaigns, events, volunteer opportunities, and online advocacy. As you consider your role as a partner in change, know that helping us bring in new members and increasing your financial support will help ensure that PCRM has the resources available to meet the ever-present challenges.

If you have feedback about your membership or want to find out where your support is most needed, contact me directly at 202-686-2210, ext. 366, or

Strong member support is truly the key to a successful partnership. Thank you for your continued commitment.

Warm regards,

Betsy Wason
Director of Development

Doris Carey: Ahead of Her Time

PCRM member Doris Carey of Cherry Hill, N.J., has always been ahead of her time when it comes to important issues such as health and nutrition, animals, and the environment. A former medical technologist and head of hospital and private laboratories, she was faced with the reality of the use of animals in medicine, a situation she did her best to circumvent by finding homes for the lab’s rabbits among the hospital staff.

Ms. Carey has also always been very dedicated to health, nutrition, and promoting a plant-based diet. So she and her husband, Jerry, a retired businessman and certified public accountant, generously made a matching gift to help raise funds for The Cancer Project.

Ms. Carey first met Dr. Neal Barnard in the late 1980s when he was speaking at a local vegetarian fair, not long after he first founded PCRM. His presentation made an impression on her because it addressed two issues—nutrition and animal welfare—that were very important to her. From her own experience in running a testing laboratory, she had come to believe that complex diseases such as cancer could not be traced to one factor, but that environmental and nutritional components played a major role.

Ms. Carey has dedicated herself to many worthy causes over her lifetime, including animal welfare, wildlife, and the environment. She helped initiate a mobile spay/neuter clinic and worked to preserve New Jersey’s threatened Pine Barrens.

“People tell me that at my age I should be relaxing and taking it easy,” she said, but she feels there is still much to be done. “There is so much yet to do and one person can’t do it all, but we must all at least do what we can. I believe that you must put your extra grain of sand where it will make a difference. With enough grains of sand, you will eventually have an entire sand dune. The more people who do their part, no matter how small, the greater the result will be.”

Florida House Party a Huge Success

Florida House partyOn a beautiful Saturday in October, Nanci Alexander (along with her charming dog, Glenda) opened her home in Boca Raton, Fla., for a PCRM fundraising event. It was a wonderful opportunity for staff to spend time with our supporters. PCRM president Dr. Neal Barnard and director of toxicology and research Chad Sandusky, Ph.D., gave guests an insider’s view on the latest program news and campaign victories. Thanks to the generosity of our members, the event raised close to $80,000 for critical programs and services.

We would love to have more of our members involved in our fundraising efforts! If you are interested in hosting a house party, please contact Patricia Howard at 202-686-2210, ext. 324.


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