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Kim Howe: A Strong Voice for PCRMAs a dedicated supporter of PCRM and its mission, Kim Howe is a PCRM Lifetime Partner and the 2006 sponsor of PCRM’s campaign to promote alternatives to dissection in schools. She has also begun to lend her own voice to PCRM’s message of compassion and ethics in research and a healthy vegetarian diet to promote health and prevent disease.

Kim recently joined Toastmasters to be able to hone her own speaking skills and become a stronger voice for what she believes in. To drive home her message, she includes PCRM materials in her presentations and makes them available to her audiences.

Kim recently traveled to Washington, D.C., for PCRM’s Art of Compassion Gala where she again pledged to sponsor one of PCRM’s programs. This year, she is sponsoring the campaign to end live animal labs in medical research and education.

Kim lives in Calabasas, Calif., with her dog, Daisy, whom she and her late husband, Robert, found abandoned on the streets of Phoenix. Daisy is one of a long line of rescued dogs that have shared the Howe home.

“I have been interested in animal issues since I was a child,” Kim Howe said. “My mother taught me how important it was to be kind to them. Most people think of animals as things to be used and thrown away. They do not stop to think that they have feelings and that we do not have the right to inflict pain on them and abuse them.”

Asked why she chooses to support PCRM, Kim emphasized that it is because PCRM presents a scientific basis for what it promotes. “I like the credibility of having compassionate physicians and scientists reaching as many people as possible to educate them,” she said. Kim believes that if people become more aware of how animals are treated, many will want to work toward change. “That is what I try to do as I go about my everyday life—to inform people and motivate them to speak out for animals and try to bring about changes.”

Kim and Robert began supporting PCRM in 1989. “We were probably among the first people ever to join,” Kim said. “I remember when my husband and I were back in Washington, D.C., many years ago—I think it was not terribly long after Neal started PCRM—we wanted to meet him and see what he was like and what the organization that we were supporting was doing, so we made an appointment and went to see him and his offices, which were small, and he only had a small staff. But he was very gracious, he showed us around, and he gave us a book,” she recalled with a smile.

“When we left, my husband asked what I thought, and I told him that I thought Neal was very personable and would be a good voice for the animals. My husband agreed and said, ‘I think he will do very well.’ My husband had very good judgment!” Kim said.

Kim Howe - A Voice for Compassion

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