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The Humane Seal Spotlights Humane Charities on Website

What do the Alexis Foundation, International Suicide Prevention Inc., and Birth Defect Research for Children Inc. have in common? They have all been awarded the Humane Charity Seal of Approval and have recently been featured on the Humane Seal’s website.

Humane Charity SpotlightThe Humane Charity Seal of Approval recognizes charities that meet their research needs by exclusively using nonanimal methods. The Humane Charity Seal of Approval is the easiest way for donors to spot charities that are committed to providing vital services and care to patients or advancing research while following the highest ethical standards.

Every few months, the Humane Seal recognizes one of these charities in the Humane Charity Seal Spotlight on

An individual wishing to donate to a particular cause is sure to find a compatible humane charity with the Humane Seal. The latest three charities to be highlighted illustrate this diversity in the services they provide and communities they serve.

  • Birth Defect Research for Children provides birth defect information to parents and investigates the causes of birth defects that could have been prevented. The organization provides informational publications and telephone counseling to new and expectant parents about a variety of birth defects, especially those caused by environmental exposures. The organization also developed and sponsors the National Birth Defect Registry, which collects data on more than 300 categories of birth defects and developmental disabilities. For more information, visit
  • The mission of International Suicide Prevention, Inc. is to raise suicide awareness and prevent this tragedy. Additionally, the organization strives to aid families who are coping with the aftermath of a suicide. Its services include training, free informative materials, referrals, and family support. For more information, visit
  • The Alexis Foundation provides information on autism, Angelman Syndrome, Asperger Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, and other related disabilities. The foundation offers parents resources about legislation, programs, therapies, and diet. Learn more at


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