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The Cancer Project Update

The Cancer Project Heads South

The Cancer Project works to spread the message of good health and preventive medicine as far and wide as possible. In an effort to reach residents of a region that lays claim to some of the highest rates of obesity, diabetes, and other diet-related diseases in the country, The Cancer Project held a half-day seminar and cooking demonstration in Selma, Ala.

“How to Eat Your Way Into Good Health in 2007” was hosted by Grosbeck Parham, M.D., a cancer surgeon from the area, and his wife, Katherine Parham, a cooking instructor for The Cancer Project. The event featured a cooking demonstration, food tastings, free recipe books, and health lectures.

Hubert Brandon, who serves on the board of directors of the Georgia Washington Community Development Corporation, called the event a tremendous success. Instead of presenting traditional health programs that are not typically well attended, Mr. Brandon said, the group was able to bring together a diverse coalition of local community organizations, cancer survivors, citizens, and elected officials and ask them what the community needed. The Cancer Project event was designed for the community using that information and knowledge of the region accrued by Dr. Parham and Mr. Brandon over the past decade.

Cancer Project Heads SouthThe program “created a buzz and excitement the likes of which I’ve not seen during my 10 years in the region,” Mr. Brandon said. “To have the community embrace the program sponsored by The Cancer Project and so eloquently presented by the Parhams is nothing short of a miracle.”

Although the event was extremely well-attended, Mr. Brandon says The Cancer Project’s message will reach many more. The excited participants took materials and information home to share with family and friends across the region. Mr. Brandon was immediately contacted by several community organizations, universities, and elected officials for a repeat of The Cancer Project program.

“The Cancer Project’s mission is being spread throughout the region and deserves a sincere thanks for traveling ‘outside the box’ and providing this opportunity in a region where it was desperately needed and obviously appreciated,” Mr. Brandon concluded.


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