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PCRM’s Lifetime Partners in Liberty Lake

PCRM Lifetime Partners Chris and Bob Anderlinks, with Woofy and PattyChris and Bob Anderlik, supporters of PCRM since 1989, are two of the best friends PCRM and animals could ask for. Chris, a 30-year vegan and dedicated environmental activist, first heard PCRM president Neal Barnard, M.D., lecturing in Michigan back in the 1980s and has been one of PCRM’s strongest supporters ever since. Bob, who has been vegan for 17 years, quit eating animals after seeing photos taken inside a slaughterhouse. Together, they are a formidable pair promoting a vegan diet for a healthy and compassionate life.

Bob and Chris met while students at the University of Illinois. Chris, a chemistry major, refused to major in biology because of its use of live animals. To her dismay, however, a biochemistry honors course involved animals, and afterward she vowed to never use animals again. Bob was a skilled baseball player who played center field more than four years in the Chicago Cubs’ farm system. He was given an opportunity to play for the Yankees farm system but chose to retire from the game. He received his master’s degree in education with a minor in mathematics. Both have spent their professional lives being positive influences on youth as school teachers in the Midwest, Michigan, and the metropolitan Washington, D.C., area. Bob, a math teacher, also coached baseball and football, and Chris, a chemistry teacher, coached girls’ sports.

The Anderliks now live in Liberty Lake, Wash., just outside of Spokane, with their rescued cats, Wilbur and Orville, and dogs, Woofy and Patty. Their daughters, Kerry Masters and Christy Anderlik, are also dedicated activists and PCRM supporters. Kerry adopted one of her dogs, Sammy, after she was rescued on her way to a Washington State University research lab.

The Anderliks are retired in name only, because they are working harder than ever. They founded and run the nonprofit organization Animal Advocates of the Inland Northwest, the only animal advocacy group in all of eastern Washington. “We advocate for animals, tackling such issues as companion animal overpopulation, wildlife protection, farmed animals, vegetarianism, vivisection, and animals in the entertainment and fur industries.” The organization they started in northern Michigan several years ago, For Animals, is also still going strong.

After accidental exposure years ago to a dangerous chemical compound in the lab where she was working at the time, Chris developed what could have been a life-threatening and debilitating condition. She believes her body has been able to overcome this because of her healthy diet, and when they see her amazing strength and stamina, her doctors agree.

“We support PCRM because it is filling an absolutely unique niche,” Chris said. “People may come to a vegan diet because their health is compromised and they are looking for a more healthy way to live. People believe in M.D.’s, and PCRM has credibility with the public in the scientific basis of its message.” Bob especially appreciates that PCRM addresses prevention of disease.

Both the Anderliks and their daughter Kerry have put their donations to PCRM to long-term use by becoming Lifetime Partners, dedicating funds for a charitable gift annuity. “We believe that PCRM needs support for the long term for the great work it is accomplishing, so we wanted to be part of that long-term support. “PCRM is solid,” Chris said. “We trust you.”

“We like everything you guys do!” Bob added.

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