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 Atkins Dumptruck

What Do You Do with 14 Truckloads of Unwanted Atkins Products?

With the low-carb trend losing steam, at least one manufacturer has found a market for its unsold products. This spring, Atkins Nutritionals donated 14 truckloads of energy bars, shakes, and breakfast mixes to food banks in Appalachia, including one that helps families of federal inmates.

Doctors Calculate Effect of a Healthier McDonald’s Menu


Emory University School of Medicine researchers calculated that if the next 100 billion McDonald’s burgers served were veggie-based instead of beef, fast-food junkies would avoid 500 million pounds of added saturated fat. And they wouldn’t have to worry about getting enough fiber either. The soy patties would provide 1 billion more pounds of roughage.

Spencer E, Frank E, McIntosh, N. Potential effects of the next 100 billion hamburgers sold by McDonald’s. Am J Prev Med. 2005;28:379-81.


Dr Pepper: The Medical Soft Drink

The American Diabetes Association has a new funding partner. Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages, the bottler for Dr Pepper, 7 UP, RC Cola, and A&W Root Beer, among other well-known brands, is helping to fund ADA’s educational programs with a three-year, multimillion dollar alliance. Cadbury Schweppes claims its calorie-free products will help people manage their diabetes.

ADA news release, April 21, 2005.

Fast Food

Location, Location, Location

The wrong address can be hazardous to your health. A new study finds that neighborhoods with the highest ratio of fast- food outlets have higher rates of heart attacks than areas with fewer outlets. Mortality is more than twice as high.

Fat Be Gone drug

Why Not Just Go Veg?

With obesity at an all-time high, pharmaceutical companies are spending billions searching for a cure they can bottle. Some 200 anti-obesity drugs are currently under development, reports MedMarket Diligence, a health care research firm. The perfect treatment has so far been elusive. Wyeth is expecting to spend $21 billion on lawsuits related to fen-phen, the diet drug that was pulled off the market in the late 1990s after it was shown to cause heart problems.

cartoon: Four scoops of "functional food ripple, please.

I Scream. Period.

The average American eats—believe it or not—22 quarts of ice cream and related frozen desserts per year. Now, a company called Frutarom hopes to boost those numbers. The ingredients company has introduced a new line of products, ranging from natural fruits and flavor extracts to aloe vera, that manufacturers can use in hopes of turning ice cream into a “functional food.”

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