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Pizza Hut Serves Up Soy

Midwestern pizza lovers can forgo artery-clogging cholesterol by ordering from Pizza Hut’s Lite Bite Menu, which features Veggie Mozzarella, a soy cheese substitute that is free of saturated fat and lactose. More than 40 Pizza Hut restaurants in the Fort Wayne, Indiana, area are serving the healthy alternative, with more soon to follow.

More Health Risks from Milk

Australia’s dairy giant, Fonterra, is accused of covering up research linking milk with autism, schizophrenia, diabetes, and heart disease, according to an internal memo from one of its own researchers. The memo, as presented to the country’s High Court, said there is growing evidence that the proteins found in all milk products and milk formulas may be linked to these and other conditions. Earlier studies from the University of Florida found that people with autism and schizophrenia had extremely high levels of BCM-7, a compound produced in milk digestion.

Research Dollars Down the Drain

Six to eight percent of rams try to mate with other male sheep. So, researchers with too much time on their hands have seized on this fact to demonstrate how homosexual behavior is influenced by brain differences. Turns out the sheep in this category have smaller bundles of certain neurons called the sexually dimorphic nucleus, a discovery already found in human studies.

It’s That 5 Percent That Makes Them Cuter

Scientists have long believed that chimps and humans share 98.5 percent of their genetic material. However, the same researcher whose technique was used to arrive at this figure, Roy Britten, had doubts over time and began investigating. Using more advanced maps of chimp DNA published by Baylor College of Medicine, Britten says the number is now thought to be less than 95 percent.

Take It from Us...

In an unprecedented move, a consultant with McDonald’s of France warned its customers that there is no reason to “go more than once a week” to its restaurants. The message ran in an advertisement-editorial on childhood obesity in the magazine Femme Actuelle. Not surprisingly, a spokesman for McDonald’s in the United States said the company did not agree.

Beauty Without Cruelty

Alberto-Culver, the world’s biggest-selling beauty product manufacturer, has announced that its ban on animal testing—a policy the company says has been in place for a decade—has officially been made permanent.

Europe Bans Antibiotics in Animal Feed

The European Union Council of Ministers has voted to phase out the use of antimicrobial growth promoters in food animals from 2006.

HRT Makes the Short List

Hormone replacement therapy has arrived. On the carcinogen list, that is, as published by the U.S. government’s National Toxicology Program. Once marked as the answer to heart disease and osteoporosis, HRT now joins the likes of heterocyclic amines, chemical dyes, and other cancer-causing compounds.

Adios, Ronald!

When McDonald’s announced plans to open shop in historic Oaxaca City, Mexico, it didn’t bargain for the protest that would be led by local artist Francisco Toledo. Posting “No McDollars” signs all over the city and gathering 10,000 signatures, Toledo convinced city council members that allowing fast-food restaurants in would damage the cultural, social, and historical identity of the townspeople.

More Bull from the Beef Industry

Last fall, the beef industry laid it on a little thick at the American Dietetic Association annual convention, sponsoring a booth, seminars, special events, and, of course, a beefy dinner. Its main message? That lean beef is somehow low in fat and cholesterol. It then invited more than 50 nutrition professionals to a West Virginia resort to hear why eating beef is a good idea.

Spring 2003
Volume XII
Number 2

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