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Physician Profile: Patrice Green, M.D.

There are few who understand the uselessness of animal experimentation better than Patrice Green, M.D. Every day, working in the heart of Baltimore's inner city, she sees patients being turned away from drug rehabilitation centers because funds simply run out. At the same time, generously funded animal experimenters continue feeding illegal drugs to rats, mice, cats, and monkeys, yet have nothing to offer addicted men and women. Patrice Green, M.D.

Fortunately, Dr. Green has been a leading proponent of nonanimal medical research for more than 20 years, and now teaches generation after generation of new doctors how to practice medicine compassionately. She supervises residents, teaches students in the ambulatory clinic, and serves on the Ethics Committee and the Medical Policy Committee at Union Memorial Hospital.

In her private practice, Dr. Green cares for many patients who are affected by poverty, unemployment, and preventable illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. Many patients, she says, are very receptive to vegetarian diets because they want to lose weight, stop relying on prescription drugs, and reclaim their good health. And her enthusiasm is catching: her patients' children are often the first ones to pick up her brochures on health and nutrition, eager to try new foods and pass their finds on to their families.

Dr. Green has long supported higher ethical standards in medicine. In 1985, she participated in a sit-in that helped shut down the University of Pennsylvania's horrific baboon head injury laboratory.

For those interested in learning more about the history of animal experimentation and the shocking reasons why it continues today, Dr. Green recommends reading Sacred Cows and Golden Geese by Ray Greek, M.D., and Jean Swingle Greek, D.V.M. To those who continue to waste precious resources on animal experimentation, she says, "I wish that one of the researchers still addicting rats and mice would share just a bit of his research money with my human patients." With activist physicians like Dr. Green, we are one step closer to putting all research dollars where they belong: in the hands of humane and ethical health professionals.


Winter 2001 (Volume X, Number 1)
Winter 2001
Volume X
Number 1

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