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The EPA's Toxic Blunders Exposed

Cleveland Plain Dealer, July 13, 2000PCRM is turning up the heat on the "Voluntary Children's Chemical Evaluation Program," a bizarre toxicity testing plan pushed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As described in the Winter 2000 Good Medicine, this program—once called the "Child Health Testing Program"—proposes to use animal tests to establish levels of toxic chemicals that children should be expected to tolerate, instead of taking action to prevent kids from being exposed in the first place.

As part of our campaign to stop this dangerous program, PCRM erected billboards in Sacramento, Cleveland, and Philadelphia illustrating the folly of tests performed on rats and mice to try to predict human toxicity and to set "safe" chemical exposure levels. The billboards, displayed throughout the month of July, directed people to our new Web site, In addition, we took our message to the EPA's door, putting the same advertisement in the D.C. Metrorail station located underneath the main offices of the agency, and many people distributed informational materials directly to EPA employees and passersby.

At a news conference held at the National Press Club on June 28, 2000, PCRM president Neal Barnard, M.D., and internationally recognized environmental activist Terri Swearingen, R.N., brought to light many flaws in the EPA's approach and offered a plan outlining a better way to protect kids from toxic chemicals.

Toxic chemicals, they explained, don't belong in our air, land, or water, and they certainly don't belong in our children's bodies. However, all of the chemicals proposed for testing by the EPA have already been found in human tissues, and, for most, pre-existing extensive data clearly show that these chemicals are dangerous. A safe and sensible plan of action would be to devise and implement strategies that prevent exposure to these chemicals. Instead, the EPA plans to spend several years and tens of millions of dollars killing hundreds of thousands of animals rather than take regulatory action.

For information on how you can get involved and put an end to this latest round of toxicity testing madness, visit our Web site at


Autumn 2000 (Volume IX, Number 3)
 Autumn 2000
Volume IX
Number 3

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