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PCRM Expands Internet Outreach

PCRM’s Internet visitors are finding something new. On Aug. 4 we launched our completely redesigned website. In addition to a more attractive and user-friendly appearance, the site now features continual updates on PCRM news and events, recipes of the week, health and research commentaries of the month, and a word search capability. Medical students will discover new resources, including our curricula for nutrition education, research issues, and medicine and society. Since the site is now listed with hundreds of search engines, PCRM will be easier for web surfers to find. And thanks to the efforts of new PCRM webmaster Miyun Park, frequent visitors are likely to encounter new information every time they stop by.

The site will continue to evolve. In the near future, activists will be able to download PDF versions of PCRM factsheets and other materials for remote printing. The Gold Plan, our institutional nutrition program, and The Rite Bite, our nutrition curriculum for junior high school students, will be available. We also plan to expand text archives of Good Medicine back issues.

Although PCRM staffers have worked hard to build the new site, PCRM’s presence on the Internet owes much to the efforts of skilled volunteers and supporters. Darryl and Sue Wagoner, who donated server space and hosted our original site for several years, were instrumental in getting us established on the net. The development of our new site has relied heavily on the generosity and expertise of writer/producer Jeff Nelson and his wife Sabrina, who together created and operate VegSource, one of the top vegetarian websites on the Internet. We also wish to thank site designer Greg Lemire of Idyllic Design and D.J. King, chief tinker of The Tinker’s Domain.

We hope our members will benefit from our presence on the web. We can keep you up-to-the-minute on PCRM events around the world—maybe even in your own neighborhood. The Internet is environmentally friendly and allows the distribution of information at a fraction of the cost of print media. It’s also a great way to reach students, who play an important role in PCRM’s mission. Stop by and take a look.


Autumn 1998

Autumn 1998
Volume VII
Number 3

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