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Dear PCRM supporter,

PCRM recently surveyed Ivy League schools’ animal care track records and their stewardship of taxpayer funding, and we found that the University of Pennsylvania ranked worst overall. We need the help of PCRM members to ask Penn president Amy Gutmann, Ph.D., to form a commission to evaluate and implement nonanimal methods in the university’s research programs.

Most recently, Penn was cited for allowing three gerbils to die of thirst while struggling to drink water through obstructed sipper tubes and for allowing a puppy’s death when he fell through a floor grate unnoticed. Other dogs at Penn do not fare well either: The school was cited for neglecting to treat multiple dogs’ cysts, and Penn requested exceptions to the federal Animal Welfare Act, allowing dogs to go without the minimum exercise required by the legislation.

Due to the short and infrequent nature of United States Department of Agriculture inspections of research facilities, it is likely that the above incidents are just the tip of the iceberg of Penn’s animal neglect. The only way for Penn to completely prevent animal suffering is to cease using animals in experiments, so we are asking Dr. Gutmann to commit to this goal by forming a commission to evaluate and implement nonanimal alternatives in all of Penn’s research programs.

Please e-mail Dr. Gutmann today, and ask her to phase out the use of animals at Penn.

Thank you for your support on this urgent matter.


John J. Pippin, M.D., F.A.C.C.
Director of Academic Affairs

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