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Dear PCRM supporter,

Over the past several weeks PCRM's supporters have sent over 13,000 thousand petitions to the University of Washington (UW) urging them to stop using ferrets in their training courses. And thanks to our demonstration last week at UW, led by physicians and attended by more than 40 supporters, the people of Seattle now know what's going on in their city thanks to the extensive media coverage we generated.

UW heard our call and now has to explain why it chooses to remain among the six percent of pediatrics residencies in the United States that continue to use animals for this purpose when they can train their physicians more effectively and compassionately with simulation technology. We will keep you posted on any new developments.

All of us at PCRM were overwhelmed by the response of concerned individuals like you. It is heartening to know that all around the country people are standing up and giving animals a voice.

You've proven that you care about the welfare of animals, so I encourage you to get more involved with PCRM today. In fact, I'd like to ask you to sign PCRM's Pledge to Stop Animal Cruelty, so we know that we can count on you to stand with us in our upcoming campaigns.

PCRM is a nonprofit organization that works day in and day out to protect animals from being used in research and in medical training. We know they undergo pain and suffering, and we aim to stop it!

I really hope you will take the time to learn more about PCRM by visiting our website. And, please, sign our Pledge to Stop Animal Cruelty now.

Thank you for all of your help.

Neal Barnard, M.D.
Dr. Neal Barnard
President, PCRM

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